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  1. B

    Question Destiny 2 crashing PCs?

    Hi all, To make a long story short, I feel that Destiny 2 is bricking my girlfriend's PC. Her computer will work fine until she plays D2 in which the game will become unresponsive as well as her computer. She will have to CTRL+ALT+DEL and even then the computer will not respond, so she hard...
  2. F

    Question 1080Ti Waterforce Xtreme

    Is the Cooler Master Masterwatt 550 good enough for 1080Ti Waterforce Xtreme and i7 8700 (non k)?
  3. H

    Question High ping but good upload and download

    So this problem only started recently, maybe a month or two ago. My download according to is 73 mbps and my upload being 7 mbps. It says my ping is only 9, but while playing games I have massive ping issues that make it completely joyless to play with friends. I'm guessing the ping...
  4. J

    Question Socket 775 or AMD equivalent

    I've got two spare CPUs (C2Q Q6600 & Phenom II X3) I was curious which motherboards that have PCI-E 16X 2.0 along with SLI (dual 16x lanes or dual 8xs) that have been released?
  5. mynameiismud

    Question Inconsistent Speed Test results - Connectivity Issues - Hardware/Software/ISP?

    About a week ago, I noticed websites and videos taking a tremendous amount of time to load on my WIRED desktop, through the ISP provided router (gigabit service). Upon running speedtests -- PAGE ERROR every time , (also uses Ookla servers):700 Down, >20mb Up --...
  6. F

    Question Dead fan power socket

    I'm having cooling issues with my ASUS gl502vm laptop. One of it's fans is dead (it has 2). After furter investigation I found that: The fan itself still works when i plug it into the other's socket. There is no physical sign of damage edit: forgot to mention i also checked for driver issues...
  7. M

    Question PC restarts during boot sequence for no reason

    For almost 2-3 months now everytime I turn my pc on it starts to boot up and I can see the option screen (F11 for boot menu, DEL for bios etc...). But then it just restarts for no reason with no sound what so ever. The second boot will forward me to windows' login screen but I still don't...
  8. W

    Question High end pc not really running games like it should?

    Hello. I've been playing on this self-build computer for about a year now. My problem is that I don't feel the games are running like they should. Whenever I play (I play fortnite mainly) I run 144 fps capped no vsync most of the times, but whenever I enter a fight in a city or so, my fps drops...
  9. W

    Question Can only hear VOIP in-game, through headset.

    Hey, I kinda feel like a dumby for having to ask this, but I can't seem to figure it out. I recently bought a new 5.1 surround sound set for my PC, it sounds awesome and all is well. Unfortunately when I play multiplayer games, the chat only comes through my headset and I can't hear anyone...
  10. T

    Question Need help with video card

    Discovered this site by accident seems neat for pc knowledge. Im in need of help with a video card I bought. I have xfx radeon rx 580 and a corsair cs850m power supply. I need a pcie cable to fit both. My brother had me buy a 6+2 pcie but it only fits the video card and not my power supply. Any...
  11. K

    Question 144hz monitor sometimes stuck at 60hz on boot.

    So I have this problem I have been having for quite a while now, it happens from time to time (maybe once a week) where I boot my PC up and I notice my monitor for some reason is at 60hz. I then go to check the Nvidia control panel of course to see if I can change it but the option is simply...
  12. TomasVilla

    Question Fans stop feature vs Low rpm (20%) fans all the time GPU (1080 gigabyte windforce oc)

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if using the fan stop feature on a gigabyte 1080 windforce oc will cause the thermal paste to degrade faster, because idle temperatures are about 39-41 c with fans off, but if i make a custom fan curve with msi afterburner and put 20% fans all the time, idle...
  13. Z

    Question GPU game promotions

    Its been a while since I've paid attention to gfx cards. In fact I have a 770(lol) and am currently in the market for a 2080. Does anyone know how long the free game promotions usually last? Battlefield and Anthem seem like a good deal, but I was looking at price trends for previous xx80...
  14. M

    VGA DVI adapter. What are the cons

    A friend of mine recently bought a new pc but has a really old display (CRT). Another option he has till buying a new one, is another VGA monitor but slightly newer (not CRT, I dont know what its called). What are some cons of using adapters? Another friend of mine done this with a 24 LCD...
  15. K

    Is the Alien Ware 2518HF 244hz monitor worth it ?

    I need a monitor for my gtx 1080 and an I7 700k . I was thinking about alien ware 2518HF 244hz but I’m anxious that this is overkill and should go for a standard 144hz monitor . Dose anyone have any advice they can give me. Many thank,
  16. G

    Should I buy Xeon E5620 and overclock it or the lga 1156 has better future proofing?

    Ok so I'm 15 and I'm Planning to buy an old pc parts for Cheap An Overclock Them And(Still play 2019 games on Medium). Do I have to buy an lga 1366 based cpu for budget gaming or maybe 1156,775,1155,1150? My budget is to buy a cpu and mobo for maximum $100 ((i actually found a guy selling an...
  17. I

    [SOLVED] Plz Help RGB issues... ☹️

    So after hours and hours and hours of scouring the web all day i am just at the end and waving the white flag, i need help... im trying to find a cable that goes from the barrowch boxfish reservoir to the header 1 on the top right of my rampage vi extreme board to tie it in.. and im having a...
  18. F

    No Post, Fans and LEDs work, 5 beeps

    Hi guys, I am starting a new PC build. I bought the ASUS Rog Strix B-350-f Gaming Motherboard, Ryzen 5 1600, Team T-Force Vulcan 8GB DDR4 2666, and Raidmax Hybrid 2 RX-530SS. The CPU chip was a difficulty in my situation. I accidentally got thermal paste on its pins, and had to wash it off...
  19. H

    i7 3770k build for just $172.38 yay or nay?

    is this build ok for the price? will be buying it used but not abused over the weekend. I have a gtx 970 that is more than willing to go with it. the deal is $172.38 in usd(9,000 php) in philppine peso. Core i7 3770-k cpu 3.5ghz 4gb ram 500gb hdd DVDR WR Combo Brand new 500watts aerocool rave...
  20. M

    PC won't boot after dust cleaning

    Hello all, Yesturday I cleaned my PC removing all dust out of it from fans, CPU cooler and GPU cooler and now it won't boot. Everything is connected but there is no beeps or any signs of life. One strange thing is I have Antec AIO watercooling installed and when watercooling fans is plugged in...