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    [SOLVED] I flipped the red switch from 230V to blew!

    Hi my computer was on and i was fiddling around(my bad) and flicked the red switch at the back from 230V to 120V. it spat out sparks and wont turn on.......and my other laptop(which was plugged in in the same room) isnt charging anymore if someone can explain what to do in very basic terms id...
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    OC'ing my phemom 955 from 3.2GHz to 3.6Hz - Would this fan handle it?

    Hello. Today I'm getting a new GPU, PSU and also replacing my Intel fan with: Arctic Cooling Alpine Pro 11 Rev. 2, and replacing my 4 year old thermal paste. Just want to ask if this simple fan would handle 0.4GHz oc without making too much noise or even worse - overheating. If it won't, what's...