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  1. W

    [SOLVED] ESD Safe Air Blowers?

    Hi, I hope if someone can shed the light on the fact about ESD Safe electric air blowers ... are they really safe to be used to clean PC interior parts (e.g. motherboard, graphics card ... etc.)? An example about one of the advertised products...
  2. VladBarla

    [SOLVED] GTX 780 TI thermal pads

    Hi. I have a Gigabyte GTX 780 TI Founders Edition and i want to change the thermal pads. I want to buy new ones, but i don't know the thickness of them. I couldn't find anything about it on the internet so i want to ask somebody who already changed them in the past. Thank you!
  3. [SOLVED] Question: Can a blower gpu run without the shroud, with good airflow?

    I Just bought a rtx 2080 ti with no io shield and no shroud. I can find the io shield online but cannot find a shroud for it. My question is can i use the gpu without the shroud? I have a big fan on the outside of my case blowing air into it through holes so I think there's enough airflow to...
  4. nloktionov

    [SOLVED] Blowers/Open-air for workstation

    Hello! Im buying my first workstation in a few days. Case: thermaltake core x71 (with all the possible fans) GPU: 2x 2070 super. Mainboard: asus rog crosshair viii hero Possible options for gpus: Open-air cooling Open-air cooling (1 is horizontally placed. one is vertically for the extra space)...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Blower, double or thriple fan geforece rtx 2080ti

    Blower, double or triple fan Geforece rtx 2080ti Which cooler system is best
  6. nxnje

    [SOLVED] Choosing the GPU - RX5700?

    Hello everyone, I am building my new rig upgrading from a I7-4770 and his old motherboard which wasn't for me anymore. I'm buying a Ryzen 5 3600, B450 Gaming Plus, Corsair Ballistix Sport LT 2x8gb 3200c16 My objective will be playing in 1080p at 144hz moreover in competitive games but i will...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Is there any blower-cooling versions of the RX 570?

    Im working with a case with not many opportunities for good airflow so i need a blower cooling method of cooling to not build up heat in the case too much
  8. J

    Question 1070 Ti vs 2060

    I have about $375 to spend on a graphics card for my first rig. I was considering getting the 2060 as it seems the best bang for my buck. Before I made my purchase however, I found a 1070ti on sale for $360. The only issue with this card though is that it has a blower style fan which from my...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Fan thermal compound

    I have a new fan and I need to replace my old one but the cpu has thermal paste still on it do I have to get more
  10. F

    Help updating to Win 10 Version 1803

    After many failures trying to update my Windows 10 to Version 1803, I'd like to try using the "Media Creation Tool. When I start that process, it looks like I'm installing the original version of Windows 10 instead of Version 1803. Can you help? Thank You! Thanks for both of your replies...
  11. B

    laptop(win 7); PC-Vista-backup external hardrive

    A gift in 2009, 1TB western digital My Book external hard drive still works well. Is it possible to backup both windows 7 and the Vista operating system to the same external hard drive. bbunch06
  12. O

    Upgrading a few parts, still need a GPU. 1080p @ 60hz.

    Hey, I'm about to upgrade a few parts for my setup, CPU, Mobo and GPU, the first two I've picked already, for the CPU, i'll go for i5-4460 and for the motherboard, Asrocks Fatality Performance H97. As for what I have left from this computer, PSU is CX750M, 8GB of 1333 ram, and 1tb hdd + 256ssd...
  13. G

    1440p 50FPS Gaming pc - cheapest solution?

    I'd love to play 1440p Ultra/max settings at least 40/50 fps. Any build suggestions for UNDER GBP£700 (USD$1070)? Keep in mind this price is NOT including monitor and peripherals or operating system. thanks