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    Question An External Blu-ray Drive ... for XP SP2??

    Hello, everyone! お疲れ様です (otsukaresama desu). i hope this is the right area of the site to post this question in. If not, sumimasen. OK so please don't be mad. My desktop PC is still running Windows XP SP2. In 2023. i know ... i know. Hey, it's worked this far. "Why are you still using XP??!"...
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    Question suggestions about buying an external blu-ray writer

    i recently purchased a laptop, but it came with no optical drive. i am looking to purchase [during thanksgiving ( in USA) or UK or Singapore] through friends, an external blu-ray writer capable of reading and burning CD, DVD, BR (single-, double-, triple- quad-layer) discs, ultra-HD blu-ray...
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    [SOLVED] Internal PC blu-ray drive to laptop "internal dvd- sata"?

    Hi everyone. I need to read a few blu-ray discs, only have a internal dvd drive on my laptop but could get a cheap PC blu-ray drive off a friend. Both sata. Is it possible to connect the PC blu-ray drive via sata cable directly to the internal laptop dvd sata (take out the dvd drive and fiddle...