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  1. S

    Question PC constantly crashing due to WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR

    Hello, My pc is crashing very often and I've been trying to understand what is causing the crash but i haven't had much success. One unusual thing I noticed are the relatively high CPU temps, which range from 45 -60 C idle, but that might be influenced by the fact that the air is really hot...
  2. S

    Question Is motherboard going out?

    Hubby bought used parts from some guy on FB. Motherboard, CPU, 4 memory sticks, and HSF. Then a used GPU off Ebay. He set everything up in his computer and had it restart on him. He figured it was a heating issue cause our computers are about 10 years old and the fans aren't creating enough...
  3. J

    Question XPS 9550 Blue Screen Error

    I've been getting blue screen errors for months now. For the longest time, I've been doing trial and errors and thought the ram might be defective. But after a memtest and alternating between my two rams, I can now guarantee that my ram is just fine. I've updated all the drivers and did...
  4. Caloripher

    [SOLVED] BSOD Error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (Includes All The Docs About Issue)

    Hello everyone. I was suffering with BSOD for 5 years with my laptop. The frequency varies, I really love my laptop and obsessed to solve this issue. I am not too much into tech but checked and read a lot I have lots of information. Your help would be really appreciated. Current frequency of...
  5. G

    Formatting Laptop externally then installing windows again?

    a brief story of what happen, the laptop runs into a windows update and suddenly shut down, after booting it up again it shows blue screen of death. and after every troubleshooting I've done, it's not booting up at all, my plan is removing the external hard drive from it and connecting it...
  6. mehdi505

    Question Your pc ran into a problrm and has to restart is stuck in 0%

    While i was playing Apex legends, it crashed in a loading screen then the blue screen appeared saying that my pc has ran into a problem and has to restart, the problem is it's been stuck in 0% for half an hour now, i have a Lenovo legion y520 , nvidia gtx 1050ti 4Gb , 8Gb of RAM , i5 7300 , and...
  7. C

    Question Pc keeps blue screening upon turning on

    So about 2 weeks ago I bought an i7 8700k and Z390 ASRock phantom gaming 6 Z390 motherboard everything was as working well until last night when I got a random blue screen. I reset my uefi to defaults and everything worked fine then this morning as soon as I sighned in my pc blue screened and...
  8. D

    Question Blue Screen then hdd cant be read [solved]

    Good day folks. I have encountered a problem recently with my newly built pc. Everytime I'm playing this game (Monster Hunter World), my computer enters BSOD and then hangs, if not it restarts. Then upon booting, it would show this message "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device..." Then I...
  9. rinzler001

    Question Just another blue screen. Last night I was working on my computer after working for about an hour or two I lost internet connectivity completely so I went through and opened the...
  10. Dryestomnivore1

    Question Whea_Uncorrectable_Error HELP!

    So I recently got new components new from Amazon and Best Buy AsRock Z390 Phantom Motherboard i5 9600k NZXT Kraken Watercooler 16gb DDR4 G.Skill 3000 512gb Silicon Power NVMe M.2 960gb SSD (Used in previous System no issues) RTX 2070 MSI GPU (Used in previous system no issues) 600w FSP Dragger...
  11. B

    samsung 850 evo m.2 120gb or Samsung Pro 840 128gb

    what better SSD for OS samsung 850 evo m.2 120gb or Samsung Pro 840 128gb and why? thanks..