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  1. brandini

    Question Blue Yeti doesn't work in Stereo Mode (or other patterns)

    Hello, I am trying to record audio for the Blue Yeti in stereo mode, to have a binaural effect. I have my Blue Yeti set to stereo pattern, set my speakers as the playback device, and the yeti to the recording device, with 2 channels for stereo in both audacity and in windows sound control panel...
  2. T

    Question How do I fix Blue Yeti X audio from lagging/crashing when playing intensive games at high FPS ?

    When I have high fps in a game or the game is intensive the mic in discord lags for my friends then stops working completely. I either have to unplug and replug it or reselect my mic and headset in discord as the playback and input devices. Never had this problem with a headset mic, so how do I...
  3. E

    Question Blue Yeti Suddenly starts getting muffled, now very quiet and distorted ?

    I've been using my blue yeti since 2017 with little to no issue, a few days ago I was sitting in a discord call with friends, I take off my headphones and leave to do something and come back, and everything has that weird blue yeti muffling sound, and when I unplug-replug my yeti all input sound...
  4. SenDara

    [SOLVED] Problems with My Blue Yeti (Classic) microphone ?

    My Blue Yeti (Classic) microphone keeps lowering/auto-compressing its volume while I'm talking; my voice sounds like a walkie talkie ? My microphone was fine until a few days ago. There's no way that a $100 USD mic is failing on me now. Here's what I tried (Windows 10, btw): Disconnected &...
  5. intactwf

    Question Blue Yeti X microphone continuously disconnecting on Windows 10, particularly on discord

    Using a Blue Yeti X microphone for some shoutcasting purposes, and it keeps constantly disconnecting from my PC(Windows 10) and/or discord, causing me to have to unplug and replug it for it to continue working. Sometimes plugging it in it will tell me "USB device not recognized." Please help, I...
  6. L

    Question Microphone clarity upgrade

    My usb blue yeti (not pro) sounds great, but I was wondering if there was a dac or something I could use to clear up the mud from the audio (it picks up a fan from out the hallway at a low enough gain to hear me as clear as possible. It's just a small amount above the lovest setting.) and clear...
  7. Vaxorz

    [SOLVED] Will the boom arm mount fit inside my blue yeti ?

    Hi, I wanted to get a boom arm for my blue yeti blackout edition, and found out that i might have a problem. inside the place where you mount the microphone to the stand itself, there is a piece of rubber. that would be fine but mine isn't in its correct place. I've tried pushing it back in but...
  8. WaywardSun

    Question Blue Yeti Interference / Alternative

    I seem to have the Yeti "frying mosquitos" bug on my two-year-old Blue Yeti. The mic makes an obnoxious background whine constantly, to the point where friends on Discord claim they can't even hear me speak. Example: Changing USB ports and cables does absolutely...
  9. mleynful

    Question Blue yeti (not pro) not picking up voice in combination with Steelseries Arctis pro + gamedac

    So I own a SS arctis pro + gamedac for about a month and a Blue yeti (non pro) for about 2-3 months, The mic is working as its recognized and I can use it sometimes and fully functions on other pc's that I have tested. (I'm on windows 10) The issue that I'm having is that if I use discord or...
  10. W

    Question Blue Yeti Microphone not working :/

    I have 2 blue Yeti microphones and they are both broken! I used to be able to plug in the cord and the headphones and hear myself talk and stuff then I would connect it to my phone and was able to record myself and it would sound exactly like how it was recorded. Now they both just don't work...
  11. R

    Best gpu for £300

    Hello I’m looking to buy a new gpu my limit is 300 pounds can anyone give me some recommendations please on what’s the best card for the amount of money
  12. D

    Sound card driver problem. Please help :)

    My sound stopped working on my laptop, it's saying that no device is installed in sound settings. Should i install new sound card driver or ask for refund. My sound is not working from the night my battery went almost fully dead (sleep mode and can't turn it on). Also i was installing Nvidia...
  13. R

    z420 Windows 10 install problems

    Hi, i have an old Z420 and trying to install windows 10. I followed the HP website instructions and use a USB win 10 installation media. after this successfully installs on a SSD SATA it reboots, however it does not follow through with the windows 10 configuration. All I get is a error "no...
  14. S

    60hz or 144hz monitor for a gtx 1060?

    I have a gtx 1060 armor ocv1, I'm about to buy a monitor, I want to know if I should go with a 60hz or a 144hz monitor. Thank you for you answers.
  15. J

    Hi I need suggestions or Will this setup work? please answer asap:( school starts soon..

    i, I will be going to a Sound Engineering school so my computer will be extensively for Sound engineering and some pc gaming. My budget is around $2000-$2500 Trying to get the best bang for my buck. Any help will be appreciated. I am open to suggestions but not downgraded suggestions. Will like...
  16. N

    Laptop cannot sleep properly

    Hi all. I recently had my laptop hard drive fail on me, so I did a replacement to push as much life out of this laptop as possible, and put in an SSD. After getting Windows 10 on it, I thought everything would return to normal, but putting the laptop to sleep doesn't work in the same way. For...
  17. L

    Computer gives a black screen

    When I start my computer the monitor nor mouse and keyboard turn on, and the Dram LED flashes, but does not cease to flash even if i hit the MEMOK! button. If i take the GPU out, it will post, but i have no means to do anything on the computer. I have tried putting the ram in other slots, and...
  18. S

    Game FPS is lower than benchmark

    I got my fancy new XPS 15 with an i5 6300HQ and a 960M. But my CSGO framerates were lower than what the benchmark said. The benchmarks for the same game and same hardware is 120 fps high, 1080p. But I was getting around 50 fps at that setting. Why is this happening
  19. Tom01

    What case should I buy?

    Hi guys, Im building a new pc, but I dont know which case should I pick. The case will be between a wall and my table, so there is no point in transparent sides. I would like something subtle, but not too bland and only black. I like the looks of this: CoolerMaster MasterCase 5. Thanks for every...
  20. B

    Please help me. Please

    Okay so I seriously need some help. So a few days ago my Asus z97-ar mobo stopped working. I was in the bios and enabled xmp and then nothing. The board turns on and the cpu led blinks then the dram blinks. The board turns on but is not giving any video out. So I get a new mobo. Exact same...
  21. P

    Looking for an upgrade in video card

    Hey! since i got a ps3 a years back I loose track on builds, rigs, and pc parts. I currently got: AMD A6 3500 2.10ghz ATI Raddeon HD 5450 Power Kellyx 500w ASRock A55M-VS I wanna upgrade my video card, I dont want something fancy, just something that can keep a good run with League of...
  22. M

    why does my computer keep doing this?

    from this http:// to this http:// keeps changing fast and it's getting really annoying :'( (i don't know how to post a pic here so i put them in a link)
  23. T

    diferent brands at the same frequency

    can i mix diferent brands of ddr3 1600mhz ram?