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  1. naviseven

    Question [PC-Win10] Cannot use Wireless Controller and Wireless Headphone simultaneously

    I'm currently using a 4.0 bluetooth adapter for PC and the PS5 Controller, aswell as a wireless headphone. Both the headphone and the controller are working just fine and can be connected by cable optionally, so in the worst case scenario i can still use both at the same time. However, I cant...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Intel Bluetooth driver won't stay gone ?

    Hello, The Problem: I recent bought a Asus USB-BT500 to pair with my brand new Xbox 1 controller. I got everything hooked up, disabled, uninstalled (including drivers) intels (R) wireless Bluetooth(R), and got my controller hooked up. I started playing a game, and the controller disconnected...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth Dongle not working at all

    Hello, I just a bought a new bluetooth dongle for my HP mixed reality headset. I plugged it in, tried to connect. Nothing. Not even my bluetooth speaker would show up. Here are some other things I have tried: Reinstalling the device. Looking for new drivers. Restarting my PC (Multiple times)...
  4. AaronKyle

    [SOLVED] Do I need a Bluetooth adapter to connect headphones to PC?

    Hello there. I just ordered Bluetooth headphones and I was wondering on how to connect them. I'm asking because my PC doesn't show the option to turn on/off Bluetooth in "Bluetooth & other devices" section. Image: View: Will the button appear when my...
  5. HarisTechGuy890

    [SOLVED] No bluetooth in windows 10.

    Hi, I recently bought a CSR Bluetooth 4.0 adapter for my Windows 10 PC, I plugged it in, installed the drivers from the DVD and it seems to work fine, except one thing, in Windows 10 settings, you can pair bluetooth from there, but I get this when I try to pair...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] My Bluetooth Dongle isnt working.

    i just got the TP Link UB400 and plgged it in my PC ,since it is plug and play for Win 10 i dont have to download anything. But Literally nothing happens. I heard the USB Connected noise but thats it. No Bluetooth Symbol in the lower right corner, nothing in the device manager. Any Help would be...
  7. razo32

    [SOLVED] CSR8510 A10 Bluetooth Driver compatablity with Windows 10 pro

    I have a PC with Windows 10 Pro (version 1809) without an embedded Bluetooth hardware. I have bought CSR8510 A10 dongle for that cause and currently the PC doesn't identify him (it used be before I formatted this PC). I tried to update it's driver and I have received " Windows found drivers for...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth earphones doesnt output audio when mic is in use.

    I'm currently using Realme Bluetooth wireless buds and I just bought a USB Bluetooth Adapter for my PC. Problem is that as soon as I start using any app that uses my mic (TeamSpeak), the headset stop playing audio from all other sources (browser, games, spotify etc).
  9. baileyboy125

    Question Bluetooth issues

    Hi, I recently bought a fairly cheap pair of wireless earphones from amazon due to the great reviews (ENACFIRE Future) with Bluetooth 5.0. I bought them mainly for connecting to my PC when I don't really feel like wearing headphones. They're great except for one problem: the audio lag on PC is...
  10. C

    Question Bluetooth App not pairing - PIN refused

    I am not sure, whether this is the right category in this forum, but I have chosen this, because the Bluetooth pairing problem is happening on my android smartphone, when I want to connect it to a Bluetooth controlled camera slider, produced by Neewer. In their manual, they do not mention any...
  11. E

    Question Bluetooth adapter for computer

    I was planning on 'upgrading' to bluetooth for my computer, however as of now the only thing I can see using this bluetooth adapter for is for my ps4 controller. Would I be able to get a wireless adapter like this ( ) so I can use a playstation controller? I'de probably...