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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth audio bitrate decreases when gaming ?

    OS: Manjaro Linux Whenever I boot up a steam game on my PC, my Bluetooth headphones work fine for a bit but slowly increase their latency until the audio starts getting noticeability more compressed (to the point that it's worse quality that a phone call) until finally it crackles a bit, speeds...
  2. 6

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth adaptor issues with MSI B560M PRO VDH Mobo

    I recently built an i5 11400F desktop with the MSI B560M PRO VDH mobo (no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and then purchased the TP-Link Bluetooth 5.0 adaptor to pair my JBL headset. The device installs fine and the Bluetooth icon shows up in the system tray, but won't detect any Bluetooth devices. It keeps...
  3. alexander.straisanberg

    Question Bluetooth Shutting off after sleep

    Hello All, I am at my wits end with this one. It defies any explanation. So I have a PC with a Ubit AX210 WiFi 6E PCIE wifi and Bluetooth adapter. My system runs windows 10, and every time it goes to sleep, the Bluetooth on and off toggle disappears, as does any bluetooth functionality, and I...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] BluetoothcDualshock 4 pairs okay but it won't re-connect automatically ?

    I add my dualshock 4 in bluetooth, it pairs and connects perfectly well, but after I disconnect the controller by holding the ps button, and then turning the controller on again it does not connect automatically, instead I have to remove the controller then re-add it which of course shouldn't...
  5. lightbulb_789

    Question Windows 10 Bluetooth Issues

    Windows 10 Motherboard: asus prime z390-a Wifi/BT card When I start up my pc, no bluetooth devices are working. Upon checking in Device manager, I see that Intel Wireless Bluetooth device has an error (Code 43). I've tried updating the driver with Driver Hub, which didn't work. There are no...
  6. Nuke7777

    [SOLVED] How can I reconfigure my bluetooth headphone manually ?

    I have Mi Super bass wireless headphone but this is the issue with most wireless headphones. The problem is with power ON/OFF button. We have to hold the power button for about 3-5 seconds at least. (This is bad software/driver design), then it power ON. After that it starts pairing. More 3-5...
  7. daniyalkh14

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth audio device stuttering on windows 10

    i bought a bluetooth ver5 earphones,they work well with my phone but stutter alot with my windows 10 laptop , i tried so many online solutions but no luck, my laptop has intel bluetooth LMP 6.1280 card,how can i fix audio skipping/stuttering problem? thanks in advance
  8. Danknank

    Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Not Working and Not Charging

    I bought the hammerhead tws few months back, by now I've used it mainly for listening music on-the-go. Rarely dropped it by any chance and i always charge it when not used. Problem starts 2 months ago, i noticed that sometimes one of the earbuds (the right one) needs to be pressed when...
  9. J

    Question Bluetooth v5 adapters

    I have an older desktop (Win10 x64) that I mainly use. The MB does NOT have bluetooth support and I'd like to add BT 5. What are my options today, what should I be aware of, what's good/bad? All the BT devices I currently have are BT4 and I'm hoping that when Sony released the next version of...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Wifi card for lenovo v530

    I want to install a network card on my lenovo v530 which has an i5-9400, primarily for Bluetooth 5.0 (I'm happy with the ethernet connection). I bought a ubit WiFi card: (Gigabit WiFi Card, 802.11 AX/AC Superspeed 2974Mbps, Ubit Wi-Fi 6 AX200 Chip, PCIe Wireless Dual-band...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Does my computer AND headphones need bluetooth 5.0 to work?

    So after lots of research, I've found that when using a bluetooth headset on Windows, you cannot have both A2DP and HFP at the same time. After reading a bit about Bluetooth 5.0, it looks like it supports the broadcasting to up to two devices to a time. I have a pair of Bose QuietComfort II...
  12. baileyboy125

    Question Bluetooth issues

    Hi, I recently bought a fairly cheap pair of wireless earphones from amazon due to the great reviews (ENACFIRE Future) with Bluetooth 5.0. I bought them mainly for connecting to my PC when I don't really feel like wearing headphones. They're great except for one problem: the audio lag on PC is...
  13. L

    Question Redmi Airdots Left earbud dim red when placed in case and does not charge.

    Image link: View: Left airdot goes dim red light when placed in case compared to the bright red light in the right one and does not charge. Been using this airdots in more than a month and its been woking well until the issue suddenly arise. Did not drop...
  14. dnaeye23

    [SOLVED] Where are the Bluetooth 5 dongles?

    I just bought the great Audio Technica M50XBT headphones and wanted to connect them to my computer via Bluetooth, but I realized my motherboard and network adapter don't have Bluetooth! ARGH! I guess never assume that today's components have everything built in. Anyways, the headphones support...