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  1. Schegg

    Question My bluetooth earphones keep on diconnecting randomly.

    Hello, I bought a bluetooth headset for €25. I charged it and I used them, but they randomly disconnect, this happens randomly, sometimes after 2 minutes and sometimes 10 minutes. Things I have tried: Software update for my Samsung Galaxy A70 (phone im using the headset on.) Disabling WiFi or...
  2. akaikisaki

    [SOLVED] Help with connecting Bluetooth Headset using an external Bluetooth Adapter/ Dongle

    Hi All, Could you please assist me with connecting a Bluetooth Headset using an external Bluetooth connector. Details are below: Headset: Bluedio Turbine T2 OS: Windows 7 Motherboard: Gigabyte H110-MS2 BT Adapter: Enter Ver. 2.0 (which says no drivers required) I was able to connect the device...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Same headset listed in both Playback Devices as well as Recording Devices

    I have a wireless Bluetooth headset that I've been using for a while now, on my laptop, running Windows 10 1903. It's listed in the sound control panel as, Bluetooth Headphones and Bluetooth Headset in Playback Devices. In Recording Devices, it's listed as Bluetooth Headset(which is exactly...
  4. K

    Mb wont boot cpu Led b320 pro vh plus

    Spec. Ryzen 7 2700 Xpg spectrix 2666 8gb Hdd 2tb Black wd Mb msi b320 vh plus latest bios Gtx 1070 aorus Psu 550 80 plus sentey So i have a white Led on cpu ive tried to remove ram And try dif slot same thing also tried to run withiut ram And apeaker does 3 Beeps. Dunno What else to do. Also...
  5. S

    Best Ryzen B-350/X370 motherboard under 150-200$ ?

    Hi ,Can u guys suggest best motherboards under 11,000 Indian rupees for AMD Ryzen 5 1600X . Be it B-350M or X370. Dual graphics card is not my priority. I've been looking at this model is this the best for me or anything else ? I've got...