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  1. M

    Question Do newer pc cases not support internal bluray/dvd burner?

    Do newer pc cases not support internal bluray/dvd burners?I want to be able to continue using my current pc's bluray burner with the new custom pc I will build, but it seems to me most of the new pc cases do not have a bay for an internal optical drive. Is there a way to make it possible with a...
  2. mdevellis

    Question Burning MP4 to bluray disc ?

    I'm having lots of trouble burning some MP4's to a Bluray for use in a Bluray player. Every software I use seems to just burn the files to the disc without formatting them OR just fails to burn the files at all. Could anyone with experience in creating bluray player ready blurays discs tell me...
  3. OzDrDj

    Question BluRay - DVD - CD Drives won't open under Windows 10 but they work ?

    Ok, I've had this problem for quite a while, but Since I haven't been using the drives much anymore, you just sort of forget about these things. But now...... Currently Connected to my system is an LG MoDisc BluRay/DVD/CD combo Drive, but the same happens for any other [optical] drive i connect...
  4. consptheory77

    Question Blu ray drives in old laptops?

    Someone tossed away three laptops because they couldn't get them working, tossed them my way to fix them and keep them if I could, which I did, but I'm wondering whether it is worth it to upgrade them with a (small, cheap) SSD and put in an internal blu ray drive to make them essentially...
  5. R

    Question Can't use read two DVDs at once but Blu Ray is fine.

    Hi, I have two blu-ray drives in my computer. A Pioneer BDR-209D and a Pioneer BDR-211M. I have an unsual issue where I can't put two DVDs/CDs in the machine at once. If I put Blu Ray discs into the drives it works fine. But when I put in a CD or DVD it will read one and but not the other. It...
  6. osama_moussawi

    Discussion watch 3D, 4K, and Blu-ray Movies

    Can Palit 1050ti 4GB let me watch 3D, 4K, and Blu-ray Movies on my i7-8700 16GB RAM PC?