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    Question Sometimes when using G-Sync compatible some games have blurry graphics

    As the title says: Sometimes (not always) games like apex, Russian fishing, and other first-person games have blur when moving the camera. I don't know why it starts because sometimes it's running without a problem, but sometimes al my movements are blurry and have ghosting or some other...
  2. W

    Question Saved & Website Images Are More Pixelated Than Usual

    I'm posting this in systems because this seems like the most likely place to post, but if there's other places I can ask, feel free to share them to me. Windows 7 Utimate 64-bit Operating System (my entire system is approximately 5 years old) CPU - Intel Xeon CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.4 GHz GPU -...
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    Question Vg270u ASUS 1440p 75hz monitor looks blurry slightly in game and texts and some video. Can't work out why, anyone able to help?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a new 1440p monitor as thought it was time for an upgrade and was first super happy with my purchase, IPS panel looks miles better than tn and so does 1440! However when I played assassins creed odyssey I noticed slightly certain things were a little blurry, as...
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    Very odd router connectivity problem. I'm at my wit's end, don't know what else to do.

    So here's the issue, I've had Bell Fibe(300 down 150 up) for the past couple years and ever since the first day I've had trouble keeping my desktop connected to my router (A HomeHub 1000 at first which was then upgraded to a HomeHub 2000 because I complained about this very issue to Bell). I...
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    Looking for a cpu and a motherboard

    Hello, I currently have a Nvidia Gtx 1050 ti mini 4GB , and i am looking for a budget motherboard and cpu that can play Playerunkown's Battlegrounds at high settings at 60fps, and other triple a titled games. If needed, i can buy new gpu if needed ( but i really want to spend the money on the...
  6. D

    Was wondering if my Mobo and RAM is compatible?

    Hi guys I was wondering if the specs are compatible. Mobo: GIGABYTE AB350 gaming 3 Memory: TForce delta rgb 2666 16gb (8x2) Thanks in advance guys. :D
  7. J

    Is my cpu bottlenecking my gpu

    I have 6300 6 core 3.5 ghz cpu with a rx 460 and not getting good fps also have 16gb of ram.
  8. R

    Connect two subnets, one wireless ADSL router, and one Windows 2012 R2 RRAS

    Setup I have is an experiment and I need some help in resolving it or making it work. I have a Wireless adsl router, with for my home. My lab is setup with hyperV host, with multiple machines, and a Wireless card that is attached to a VM which acts as a router, so that my lab can...
  9. C

    Wifi deadzone in house, how to remedy?

    Hi guys. In my home, I pretty much with a wifi dead-zone, where I can just get a signal with my ipad, but my ps4 and PC seem out of range, I know that the geometry/geography of the dead zone is less than optimal (furthest room from the router, and on the tip of an "L" if that makes sense). At...
  10. H

    I5-6400 or r5 1400 ?

    Well, as the titles says I want to upgrade my computer but I'm not sure which CPU to buy. My GPU is a gtx 1500ti. Thanks for the help
  11. M

    Low FPS When streaming?

    So for my setup I have a GTX 970 FTW and an I7 4790K CPU. I Mostly play CSGO Competitively so I use all low settings and AVG 350+ BUT THEN..... As soon as i turn on the stream I AVG 170 FPS, Now I Know CSGO and OBS are CPU Intensive but that much? The game feels more stuttery at the rate and...
  12. CITechRRR

    Anyone here have any thoughts on or tried M.2 PCIe NVMe drives

    Hi I have been looking at this one, the Corsair Force MP500 240GB which I am installing into an Asus Z170 Pro motherboard. Regards
  13. P

    Any game reboots computer

    Hey guys, so for the past two weeks my computer has been rebooting after starting up any game. Its not a blue screen or anything, just a hard reboot. About a month ago i had another problem of a boot loop that was fixed due to issues with the CPU, but now my computer is fine aside from not be...
  14. S

    Far cry 4 resolution problem

    I cannot change resolution in or outside of far cry 4. The game remains fixed at 1920x1080 resolution. It doesn't give different resolution options. The aspect ratio also stays from options - "Auto" - "16:9". It doesn't gives options like 4:3, etc. I also tried to change resolution outside of...
  15. C

    fx8350 and rx460?

    will the fx8350 work well with a rx460 or what will you recommend
  16. G

    Gtx 970 sli vs 1070

    I have been reading a bit on the Internet which is best of a 1070 or 970 sli and everyone says 1070 is better. But then I came over this video so now I'm really unsure of what to buy.
  17. D

    Is corsair 450psu enough to power up i3-6100 and gtx 750ti

    I am about to build my first gaming pc so can i use corsair 450 psu and the config of my pc are 1) intel i3-6100 processor 2) Asus gtx 750ti oc 2gb ddr5 3) Asus ddr4 motherboard 4) 8gb ddr4 ram 5) 500 gb hard drive
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    Gtx 1070 pricing

    Currently all of the 1070's I can find for sale on UK websites all of the 1070's run for about £420-500, will the price be dropping below this at all and if so how much? I'm not sure if it's worth waiting for the price drop if it's not going to be significant.
  19. M

    Intel or AMD CPU

    Will the Intel i5, or the AMD 990FX, work better (for gaming) with the AMD FX-8365 Processor? No budget. Which one will be better for new games (multi thread)
  20. N

    How to Fix Error 301: Key Component of SteamVR Not Working

    This tutorial will guide you how to fix Error 301 on your HTC Vive. We have provided two solutions that will probably solve this error. If you have this problem, follow this steps they will save you a lot of time: Solution 1. Go to SteamVR > Settings > change configure directory > Select...