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  1. Zelotus

    Question Call Of Duty MW19 and BO3 both crash seconds after starting ?

    Hi all, Ive spent hours upon days trying to fix MW19 and BO3 from launching on my PC at all, it struggled on my old PC too no fix. only improvement ive found was that unplugging my VR headset added 3 seconds before BO3 would crash but i feel like that is more of a placebo change. Specs are...
  2. A

    Question BO3 (Steam) Crashes won't launch

    Ok so this is a problem countless people have ran into and now it is even happening in the new cod beta. Whenever bo3 is launched it just crashes with one of two error messages. NOW HOLD UP! I know exactly what yall bout to say "Check the integrity of your game files" "Clear your steam data...
  3. H

    i5 bottlenecks my gtx 1080

    ok so i just built my new gaming pc and the benchmarks that i saw were games like bf1 or gta 5 so i built the pc and downloaded the games after i opened them the fps was running half of what the benchmarks told bf1 was at 60 fps with stuttering and gta 5 only at 60 fps and dropping to mid 40 in...
  4. J

    Can I add a graphic Card to my TOSHIBA SATELLITE l55 b5163rm?

    Can I add a graphic Card to my TOSHIBA SATELLITE l55 b5163rm? and if I can, which one would recomend me
  5. T

    Can I hook these bose speakers to Samsung KH550 soundbar

    I have the samsung soundbar Kh550 2.1 and KS8000 tv, can I connect the bose 161 speakers to the soundbar to make it 5.1?
  6. A

    Continous desktop loading

    One day after starting up my laptop, whenever I reach the desktop and try to do anything it will load for a long time. Ex. I reach desktop and try to load chrome but it will open chrome but load it and eventually freeze. I can still move the mouse but cannot click anything. After awhile maybe 2...
  7. DrAscarisInfection

    Overclocking i3 6100

    So is it still possible to overclock i3 6100,on Gigabyte GA Z170-HD3 mobo? Thanks*
  8. A

    Skylake iGPU and VGA monitor?

    Hello. I want to know if I can use the iGPU of i5 6500 with a vga monitor. My budget is tight so I will upgrade the monitor and buy gpu later on. The mobo is Asrock B150M Pro4 and has a D-sub (VGA) port. Also using the iGPU for browsing and gaming (dota2,csgo) will this require a aftermarket...
  9. B

    replaced my motherboard using old components

    So I replaced my motherboard with the same model, and everything else connected besides my CPU heatsink is the same. But when I boot up my system I get the bios flash and then nothing for about 2 minutes and then screen turns black. What do I do I tried connecting usb with Windows on it but I...
  10. H

    Can I Sli connect a msi 970 and a nvidia 970?

    So I have a Msi 970 in my pc right now and a friend gave he his old graphics card which is a nvidia 970 i know that I can sli connect with my motherboard but i don't know if i can connect 2 different brands of graphics cards together, i just want to know so if I cant I can give it to my other...
  11. J

    PC Turn OFF, PSU Mosquito noise

    Hello Guys, I come here again for some help. From my research looks like my problem is the PSU, but I need your opinion before buying a replacement. Today I turned ON my PC and heard a "pop" noise and then a permanent "Mosquito" noise, but the PC boots normal, after a few minutes of use...
  12. 7

    I bumped my headphones now they sound bad...

    One day I took off my headphones and apparently I was a bit too ruff because when i put them back on it was like i was listening through a cup! So I tried fixing it by bumping them again and then they worked, but it was slightly quieter so I risked breaking them and I bumped them some...
  13. ridejemkiss

    Feedback on Parts List for First Build - Art/Video/Audio Workstation PC

    Trying to finalize the parts list for my first build and am looking for feedback on my selections. I am trying to build a powerful workstation, mainly to be used for illustration, animation, video/photo editing, 3d sculpting, and audio recording. The only other thing it will really be used for...