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  1. 20948q09478097243

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 1700 not boosting correctly

    I recently built a custom rig and have noticed my ryzen 7 1700 is only boosting to 3.18 ghz. I have tried using "msi dragon center" and Msi bios to up the cpu ratio and while it turbos higher once i go above 3.5 ghz my screen goes black and i get the cpu ez debug (I have tried resetting the...
  2. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] 8700k running @4.4-4.7ghz on all cores even while usage at 1-4% ?

    As the title says, my 8700k is running all cores rather high at all times for some reason. Even if everything is closed and CPU usage is at 1-4% the lowest the cores freq drops is about 4.3 but usually its around 4.5-4.6. Temps are not an issue as I have good cooling and the chip has been...