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  1. B

    Question No post after doing something with Platform Key

    To play Valorant it required me to turn on secure boot and TPM 2.0, which I've done in the past. Ever since I got a NVME I haven't been able to enable secure boot. So, as a way to remedy that I thought I should do something with Platform Keys, something I shouldn't mess with. After that I get...
  2. WeskerEnd

    [SOLVED] Is my GPU dying (or actually 95% dead)? Fail to boot with VGA debug led.

    tl;dr - Motherboard sometimes shows boot error with VGA led (debug LED), and I need to keep power cycling until PC boots properly, and it all seems fine on Windows when it does. Is my GPU dying for sure or could it be something else? This started happening a few days ago, sometimes I power on...