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  1. ViBro.Official

    Question ASUS Laptop asks for Boot Device Every time!

    Recently I am facing this issue. Whenever I turn my laptop on it asks for boot device even though only Windows 10 is installed. I tried resetting the bios, reinstalling Windows completely. Even I downgraded my bios and upgraded my bios again still it appears & along with that I am facing issues...
  2. M

    PC won't power on

    So I have been having issues with my new build and I need help. I built a pc with a new AMD 1950x threadripper and the ASUS rog zenith extreme MOBO, also has a gtx 1080ti and 32gb of ddr4 memory. Psu is a corsair rm850x. My problem is that it turned on long enough for me to install windows 10...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] FaceTime not activating after changing logic board

    I have recently changed logic board on my mac pro because of spilling water on keyboard and frying the board. Everything is like it used to only faceTime is causing problems. When i try to log in, only thing it says to me is "An error occured during activation. Try again.". It worked once when I...
  4. D

    Bugdet pc case with good airflow

    My specs (besides the ones im going to buy): I5 4460 3.2 Ghz quad core Asrock h81m 1tb seagate hdd 6gb ram I will buy a gtx 1070. The problem is my pc is a prebuilt one, so the case and especially the psu are incredibly bad, as the psu has no 8-pin or even 6-pin cables, so im gonna buy a new...
  5. A

    GTX 1050 On original Power Supply 300 W

    My Pc Hardware is Core i5 3330 3.0GHz Ram 8 GB ddr3 GT 620 1GB and original power supply Dell X9GWG 300 W . I want to upgrade my gpu to GTX it will work with my power supply?? This is my pc...
  6. D

    Looking for assistance in possible upgrades

    So I have this PC that I got about two years ago, I am happy with it and it hasn't given me any troubles at all. However, I am looking at potential upgrades. The first most important part is the case, I haven't taken apart this specific case because on how much is involved (I have never taken...
  7. K

    to buy Laptop for Auto Cad

    Hi, I am looking to buy Laptop for Auto cad use and general use. Which is the best and cheapest ? I Iam in London-UK. Thanks
  8. Ventura NZ

    Random folders appearing in D: drive

    Okay for the past few months I've been getting these random folders with random letters/numbers appearing in my D: drive, I have no clue what they are but they keep building up if I don't delete them. When I do delete them a few will pop up the next day and so on until I get rid of them again...
  9. E

    Need advice on upgrading my pc?

    I want to upgrade my CPU, GPU, motherboard and PSU. The following components are what i have now: -Gigabyte 78lmt usb3 motherboard-Want to spend £0-£120. -Radeon R7 200 series GPU-Want to spend £0-£250. -Corsair CX750 PSU-Want to spend £0-£110 -AMD FX(tm)-4350 4.20GHz CPU-Want to spend £0-£180...
  10. U

    Single-slot GTX 750?

    Hello, Are there any single slot GeForce GTX 750/Ti boards available at retail? The picture on NVIDIA website is a single slot, dual-slot cards can't fit in my PC case. Or what is the best single slot card available right now? Thanks