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  1. S

    Question XP boot disk and USB not working

    I'm installing XP Sp3 on a friend's computer, clean install. I used a disk I've had for a while that apparently had some corrupt patches due to scratches and in turn caused a blue screen during install. Now I can't even get a boot disk to read in the drive. I went to a USB and installed a...
  2. R

    Corsair m95 vs Logitech G502 proteus

    Hi, i'm looking at getting a new mouse with plenty of buttons for gaming, and of all of the reviews I've read I am undecided on which of these 2 mice to buy, they are both roughly the same price, but im not sure if any has any common faults or practicality issues, any help with this would be...
  3. fastwing76

    gaming laptop keyboard and durability ?

    hey guys I want to ask gaming laptop owners who game on their laptop keyboards how durable they are for gaming, I am currently using my y500 with a razer blackwidow tournemnent edition and CM SF-17 gaming laptop adjustable cooler.I really enjoy typing and gaming on the mechanical keyboard but...