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    Question Transfer user account to new drive?

    I recently bought a 1TB SSD to replace my current 120GB SSD, and I've had absolute hell with copying my files over. Between cloning the drive and fresh installing windows and loading a backup, the closest I can get is having all of my files on my new SSD, but having them saved under a separate...
  2. Z

    Question Cloned ssd offline due to signature collision

    I recently installed a ssd (gave it letter D) and cloned my old hdd to it with Samsung data migration software Both are inside my PC as l want to keep hdd as storage/archive I changed boot priority to wbm <ssd name> But PC still boots from hdd ( task manager shows hdd under performance tab...
  3. D

    Question Cloned my Windows 10 boot drive to my new SSD, it is GPT format but will not boot

    I spent hours trimming the fat on my windows boot drive so that I could clone it to my new SSD (only 250gb) and I have cloned it. Since my Windows boot drive ( C: drive ), is MBR format, I set up the SSD as a MBR format drive, then cloned the C: drive to it (for the cloning process I used EaseUS...
  4. M

    Question Can I trasnfur a drive partition to a new drive?

    I want to upgrade my PC to have an SSD, butI already have several Terabytes of data stored on an HDD. Is it possible to create a partition with Winows and a few programs on that I can then transfur to an SSD to use as my boot device? This would save me alot of time as I would not have to backup...
  5. P

    Question So I built a new pc and installed windows on a brand new hard drive but now i put in my old SSD and have an odd question

    So i never got to activate windows on this new pc yet so i was using the free version of it. But this SSD already had windows 10 on it and the moment I installed it and turned on my pc it was like I was on my old pc with windows activated and all my data that was on the ssd still there. But I...
  6. skywalkerqq

    Question Cloning boot drive to a partition

    So I need to clone my M.2 boot drive onto a new partition I made on my hard drive. I have macrium reflect downloaded, but all the tutorials I find on using it require the destination drive for the clone to be clean. I need to somehow keep my hard drive safe while cloning my boot drive onto the...
  7. M

    Question Why does new NVME drive have to load through old SSD first?

    I recently received an NVME drive from a friend who had no use for it. I purchased a SATA enclosure for the drive as my motherboard doesn't have NVME support. The drive is able to hold files and definitely works. My plan was to have my OS be transferred to the NVME drive, and this was done...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] Getting SSD for Boot drive, need some help with my HDD.

    So I just ordered an SSD M.2 which I plan to use as my new PC's boot drive. I have a 4tb HDD that I use as a second storage option (my current PC boots off a 1tb HDD) and was told a long while ago that if I have any data I want to keep, that I'd need to partition a portion of my HDD and send it...
  9. GamerCyclops

    Question To a beginner in PC upgrades, would you recommend changing boot drives by OS migration or clean OS install?

    I've been looking into using EaseUS to migrate the OS from my hard drive to my new SSD so that I can use it as my boot drive, but it sounds almost too good to be true. I'm looking for a second (and more educated) opinion: what are the pros and cons of each approach, and which would you...
  10. PhantomPheon

    Question Recieved the CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED a couple of times, and now my PC isnt detecting a boot device

    So, for some context: before today, I haven't experienced an issue with my PC beyond the common, easily resolvable issues. However over the course of the day, I have received four/five blue screen errors, all if which are listed as CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. The first time I received this error, I...
  11. P

    Question Is it necessary to have two drives in your computer?

    I am building a gaming PC soon and I am wondering whether I need a boot drive and a second drive. I was thinking about just buying one large ssd that would have windows on it and all the other stuff. Alternatively i would buy a smaller ssd for boot and then a second ssd for all my stuff n games...
  12. T

    Question m.2 Nvme SSD is not detected on first boot after sleep or shutdown everytime. Need a fix

    So I bought a new m.2 nvme SSD from Mushkin 500gb (MKNSSDPL500GB-D8 Pilot ). I cloned my old 500gb samsung evo 750 to it as it has my OS. For some reason everytime I boot my pc after it has been off or in sleep for a while (around 3-4hours +) my boot drive is not detected but all the other...
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    Discussion Using a large HDD with Intel Optane RST module

    Hey Community, I did a build a couple years ago utilizing a 3TB 7200rpm HDD basically in a raid with a m.2 optane module to test out the tech, and it works great! I haven't upgraded storage yet at all, there is no need. It's also nice because I don't need to worry about downloads or default...
  14. N

    Question 500GB Crucial MX500 SSD or 240GB Kingston A400 SSD as boot drive?

    Hi, I am just about to build my first pc and originally purchase a 500GB Crucial MX500 SSD to use as boot drive and everything else and was going to buy a 2tb hdd later. I then see the 240GB Kingston A400 SSD for a good price so purchased this with the view to use this as my boot & program...
  15. M

    How much is it worth

    PSU-seasonic 650w gold rated Ram-8gb 1600mhz Chassis-Diy solo t1-r Processor- amd fx 8590 8 core. Up to 5ghz Motherboard- msi 970-g46 Hard Drive- 1tb windows 10 64 bit DVD drive 1030 geforce nvidia graphics card M9a cyorig you cooler
  16. N

    Updated my bios, now giving F2/F9 codes

    I have an ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming X motherboard with a Ryzen 1700X processor, 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z, and a Corsair M500 M.2 SSD. I was looking into overclocking my Ram a bit since it's been underwhelming and decided I should make sure my BIOS was up to date. I realized I was still running...
  17. S

    Stuck on choosing a CPU for gaming

    So basically, Right now I have an i5-4690 and right now it is bottlenecking my GTX 1070. I am stuck between choosing a Ryzen 5 1600, i7-4790k, i7-7700k. I can upgrade to the 4790k easily because it is the same socket but I would want to buy a new mobo so I can overclock. I would use this PC for...
  18. Z

    PC freezing while playing game

    My Gaming PC will randomly freeze while playing Warhammer Total War, it doesn't seem to do it while playing any other game (I.E CIV 5, Skyrim).The game is running with no mods so I've ruled that out as a cause. My Specs are as follows: 500GB Samsung SSD NVIDIA Gforce GTX 960 Intel I-5 4460...
  19. malrats

    Really need help with overclocking a MSI GTX 770 2GB. A bit confused.

    So, I've been using MSI Afterburner for probably almost a year now and have had my settings on 100% power, prioritize 80 temperature, and then +130 core and +350 memory clock. I don't know that I've noticed any kind of performance gains at all, but I also haven't had any issues with temperature...
  20. C


    Who is the best between PCI-E SSD VS SATA SSD? just for OS, Photoshop, and coding.