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  1. DistortionTech

    Question Need of assistance to do with boot.

    Recently I cloned my old 1TB drive to my SSD. I was able to boot from both drives perfectly last night. However, I removed a couple partitions within both drives (only around 65Mb partitions). Now i am unable to boot to both drives. Im having a hard time figuring out what to do. I have set my...
  2. G

    Question [SOLVED] Win 7 won't boot / Error 0xc0000428

    After installing latest updates from Windows Update my Win7 won't boot with Error 0xc0000428. I can't access the "last working configuration" option, as pressing F8 gives me no advances boot options regarding Win7. I have learned so far, that I can easily fix this error with bootable Win7 USB...
  3. S

    Question System cannot find bootable device, but the drive shows in the BIOS

    Hello, I've just upgraded my PC, having kept the 3 storage drives from my last build. When booting the machine, it sends me straight to the BIOS and every attempt to load Windows gives me the error that no bootable devices can be found. It does, however, detect the drive with Windows on it...
  4. J

    Question When i boot my pc it sometimes doesn't give input and vga LED is lit

    I have recently build my first pc and when i tried to turn it on it my monitor said no signal. When i tried again a few minutes later it did boot up normally. It isn't a major problem, but having to reset my pc 2-3 times every time i want to use it gets annoying quickly. I did notice that the...
  5. K

    Question Weird boot issue on 2 separate Ryzen 3000 systems

    Hello! A couple of PCs I recently built with the Ryzen 3700X and MSI B450 TOMAHAWK/GAMING PLUS respectively have been getting some issues. They worked flawlessy in the beginning, but now have been getting issues when booting. When starting the computer, the fans turn on, but it doesnt post, and...
  6. H

    Question Pc starts for 2 mins after welcome screen then shut down?

    I rebuild my pc after clearing the dust when I started it.It stopped after boot screen ,then I checked some common post errors and reconnected Ram and cmos battery ,So now it starts with a little long beep from before and I had gone till welcome sceen and desktop screen after 2 mins it boots...
  7. M

    Question No bootable device error when external HD with 2 partitions is connected

    I just bought a 10GB WD My Book external backup drive, and partitioned it because FileHistory doesn't allow you to cap the amount of space it takes over, and I wanted to use half of the drive for personal files. Everything runs fine until I create the second partition in Windows Disk...
  8. C

    Question Super Weird Issue: Computer starts booting up a few seconds and then restarting.

    Hey hey, I want to apologies in advance for what might be a lengthy post, I just have no idea what to do next, so I’m sparing no detail in the hopes that someone is able to help me. I built this PC about 5 years ago. I’m not super technically experienced with building PCs, it’s the first and...
  9. Neetfull

    Question New Build: Start up error

    I am in the process of building a new PC and the assembly went easy but I am getting a boot error where the PC will turn off anywhere from 5-30 seconds after turning on and no display will appear even through the onboard HDMI. Specs: Case = Corsair 500D CPU = Intel i9 -9900K 3.6GHZ CPU cooling...
  10. McCoffee

    [SOLVED] BIOS Flash - Error - Need help urgently!!! (HP Omen 15", 15-ax011no)

    I've been having these chargin problems for a while where the laptop would charge for a few sconds then disconnect, although the calb e was still plugged inn. I tried every fix until i was recommende i flash the BIOS, which i did. However while flashing the boot block the charger disconected...
  11. U

    Mixing same brand ram with different MHz

    So my pc has a 8gb HyperX Fury 2133 Mhz and I want to buy a 8gb HyperX Fury 2400 MHz because for some reason it's cheaper in amazon. Will I run into any problems like crashes? My motherboard only has 2 slots for ram.
  12. S

    Looking to upgrade CPU, should I stay on LGA 2011?

    I am fairly happy with my current build, but I very much enjoy building tinkering and overclocking, and I would like to make the move to 6 core 12 thread in the near future. I still can't entirely justify putting my first CPU on the shelf yet, but it is being surpassed by current i5's and I am...
  13. D

    Monitor problems with dvi and hdmi ASUS

    My monitor is an ASUS VS247HR 24'' and when i connect ,my monitor with my graphics card (msi 750 ti) through dvi or hdmi the image gets really weird (it doesnt work properly) but when i connect it with a vga cable it works nice. Also when i connect my pc with a hdmi cable to my TV it works nice...
  14. drewski989

    Thoughts on selling 1070 SLI Setup

    Against prior forum recommendations :sarcastic:, I have (2) 1070 EVGA FTW ACX cards and the EVGA HB Bridge. After messing with DOOM for 2 days, corrupting my save game twice, and PC restarting on me 4-5 times while playing, and "Into the Fire" frame dips that made the game unplayable... I...
  15. O

    Cpu boot performance mode?

    Hello everyone, i just realise i just have a option in bios under advanced, cpu, called: Boot performance mode. Can anyone explain what it is? Now its set to non performance, then there is boost performance, and battery saver. i got a i5-6400 2.40 ghz. Will i get some extra performance if i...
  16. A

    GTX 1050 On original Power Supply 300 W

    My Pc Hardware is Core i5 3330 3.0GHz Ram 8 GB ddr3 GT 620 1GB and original power supply Dell X9GWG 300 W . I want to upgrade my gpu to GTX it will work with my power supply?? This is my pc...
  17. R

    Acer Aspire 4720z won't power on.

    Battery LED light orange when charging, blinks when it's low, but all the power button does is lits power LED green for a sec. Laptop won't show any signs of life (other than these 2 LEDs) with battery in or out. I can disassemble it if needed, but I'd like to check other options first.
  18. E

    Using a 2 way splitter on a System Fan Header

    I have a Thermaltake Water 3.0 RGB AIO CPU cooler and it's a bit different to set up vs others I've had. I'm building my first mini-itx build in a Corsair 250D with a Gigabyte H170N WIFI motherboard. You're supposed to plug both of the rad fans into a controller that allows you to change the...
  19. N

    is the price okay? GTX 970 Strix, GTX 980ti Twin Frozr

    So I went to my local PC store here in the philippines (pc express) and asked the prices of their best instock Graphics Card, The GTX 970 Strix and GTX 980ti Twin Frozr, Here are the prices: (Converted to USD) GTX 970 Strix 4GB DDR5 256bit = $430 and GTX 980ti TF 6GB DDR5 386bit = $723 My...
  20. Apristian30

    Help 2 CPU streaming/recording set-up

    Hello I am trying to find out how to set-up 2 computer to work simultaneously. I want to have PC1 (Gaming PC) do the gaming and PC2 (Recording PC) to do all the recording from anything it captures off PC1. I don't want suggestions for software on PC1 because i already tried that and it...