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    [SOLVED] No Bootable Drive Detected Issue

    I've got a HP Proliant BL460c Blade server with following spec: 128GB Ram 128Gb Micro-SD OS Drive (internal) 2x 3.6TB SSD Drives (internal - logical RAID 0) Ubuntu Desktop was installed and working on the MicroSD but I've decided to install it on the SSD for better performance. I installed...
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    Question Laptop won't boot from SSD with HDD connected

    I have a HP Envy laptop with dual drive bays. I recently got a Samsung SSD to improve performance, used Macrium Reflect to clone the SSD (set in drive bay 2) from my HDD (set in drive bay 1). The clone was successful. However, as the HP BIOS has only "OS Boot Manager" option (no separate HDD and...
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    8320 outperforming 9590

    So about 2 years ago i bought an fx8320 for dirt cheap. I got it on sale for 211$ with a motherboard. Anyways, i havent touched it with an overclock at all up until earlier this year (like 3 weeks ago) I managed to get it to 4.6 ghz stable and its out performing the 5ghz 9590 which seems a bit...
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    core2duo e6700 Bottleneck GTS450

    Processor : cd2 e6700 @ 2.66ghz Ram : 4gb ddr2 I need to ask if GTS450 or GTS 250 will bottleneck my pc ? or not?