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  1. B

    Question Boot led flashes and then system turn off

    Been having an issue with my pc where it first started switching off randomly once or twice and now its not turning on. Boot led flashes and system turns off the turns back on without any fans spinning or leds lighting. What I have tried so far: ~Ram slot and modules cleaned thoroughly ~Removed...
  2. ChaozTaco

    Question DRAM and Boot light is on, usb ports won't work

    This is my first build and I was able to wire everything up properly but the issue is the led light is the DRAM is on and the boot light is on too. It's able to display to my monitor and it says to press delete/f2 to go to bios but my usb may not be working cause I tried putting my mouse and...
  3. L

    Question Motherboard Issue

    Basic Question: what exactly happened to my motherboard? So I build a pc for the first time and never owned a pc before, total noob. I have many questions but in this one I would like to know what exactly happened to my motherboard? What happened: I only had updated bios to F5, changed one...
  4. JackFrostSekhose

    Question MSI A320m pro-vd plus BOOT LED Display lights up but black and no display

    Hello all I recently build my own pc and here are the specs Cpu ryzen 3 1200 Gfx card Gtx1050 Asus expedition Ram hyper X 4 gigs Mobo a320m pro-vd plus MSI I've been using this pc without any problems for about 5 months now Suddenly yesterday I decided to store the computer since I had...
  5. pepslight

    Which GTX 1070?

    Hey Guys the new GTX 1070 Is out there. Basically was wondering which one would be the smartest to buy between Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, KFA2 (I don´t mind the Brand could be anything). They basically have almost the same frequencies but the price is quite staggering with the KFA2 going around...