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  1. Big_Fhungus

    Question Screen says no signal when it should show the windows 10 boot logo

    I recently got a new GPU and I only have a vga monitor so I am using a display port to vga adapter everything works fine except when the windows 10 boot logo is supposed to show it says no signal but when it finishes booting the login screen is there and everything is fine. I have already tried...
  2. J

    Question windows takes too much times to boot

    So, i built a new PC Set up windows on my m.2 sata drive start windows and everything was perfect and it run perfectly and boot time was 15 - 20 seconds. i installed Adobe softwares and all drivers and some games but after few days i open dolby software in windows it asks me to restart my PC to...
  3. E

    Apu rx 560

    I have a pc with a amd a 10 6700 apu. I was wondering if i could run a rx 560 with that or will the apu bottleneck it to much.
  4. A

    windows install cant delete partitions

    during windows installation getting this error "windows 10 cannot be installed to disk disk has mbr partition table can be installed to gpt partition error " but i formatted old windows partition and the new windows is not installing . i cant wipe my hdd it has a lot of data .Any solutions ? I...