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  1. The7969

    Question How to fix a very unique bootloop: Automatic Repair Fail, Won’t Boot to USB, More

    My dear friends, I have a huge problem. A problem that I have searched and searched over dozens of forums, google search results, YouTube videos and more and none have seemed to face my exact problem, so here it is, in detail: A few days ago, I was just browsing the web and watching some...
  2. Yes No

    Question Preparing Automatic Repair Loop.

    I cant seem to troubleshoot what happened but the only things I know is that I left a program that uses 3D on for an hour my room was uncomfortably hot. I get back on the program and it just shutdown and did the boot loop. I main key differences were a green rectangle pattern(Don't know if its...
  3. aaaaronjmnz

    Question Boot Looping problem

    Hello guys. I'm fairly new here and I don't know where to ask questions. So the problem is, a few months ago, my pc started this randomly restarting for no reason but only when I'm gaming. I thought it was an over heating problem so what I did was purchase a new CPU Fan (since I was still using...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] My Computer is Stuck in a Boot Loop

    I have been working on the same system for over 3 weeks now. When I originally built it, I was able to boot it and load windows onto it (all be it with a couple of boot-up problems if the system was even slightly jostled). When running a benchmark on it, I noticed only one stick of my RAM was...
  5. Eyesaac

    Question Newly Built PC Boot looping

    I built a new PC to replace my 7 year old rig for Christmas and despite me being new to building a PC I was able to get the PC to boot, got through the Windows 10 install via a USB I've used before, and was installing Windows updates, when my PC bluescreened, and now it won't get past BIOS...
  6. Ts638

    Question Pc stuck in boot loop even after reseaging card and ram

    My pc is stuck in a boot loop after upgrading motherboard cpu and ram it keeps turning on and off and ive done the normal boot loop procedure of reseating ram and gpu but it hasnt worked. Parts are: Ryzen 2700x Asrock B450 Steel Legend G skill trident z 8gbx2 3200mhz Msi RTX 2060
  7. Artdrift

    Question Fans spinning after shutting down. Followed by pc going into boot loop.

    My pc is kind of old, been using it for over 5 years and haven't formatted or updated the os. So I still use windows 7 ultimate. Haven't had a problem so never thought of updating. Now a couple days ago I moved the pc to a new room. Turned it on and worked fine, but when I shut it down it...
  8. U

    Question Installed New Ram now PC is Boot Looping! Plz Help!

    So my friend's dads gaming PC was only running on 8Gb of Ram which nowadays isn't a sustainable amount for modern day gaming. So i went to Canada Computers to pick up two 4gb sticks of the same exact ram . They had it in stock and when i went to the store the guy said that it was probably buried...