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  1. derkevevin

    Question M.2 ssd: Windows 10 boot device no longer found after crash. Traces of liquid found on the drives?? After drying, drives show up but are read only.

    tl;dr: Boot device not found after crash. M.2 drives had some weird liquid on them like they were sweating(??) but show up in system after drying. Files can be read but not written on either of my two m.2's. Can't run bootrec /fixboot or chkdsk because of this. Is this read only mode an m.2...
  2. Abishekh Kc

    Question Always shows boot option menu when I turn on laptop.

    When I turn on my laptop every time, it always shows a boot option menu (Windows Boot Manager). When I click ESC, my laptop opens normally. How do I fix it?
  3. ferret63

    [SOLVED] the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable + boot manager stuff

    The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable is the error I've been getting, while trying to do literally anything related to the OS or the C: drive. I can't update Windows either. The solution I've been seeing everywhere is the chkdsk command. Since the C: drive is the drive where Windows...
  4. I

    Question Boot manager partition location

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to set my dual boot system back up. I just made a fresh reinstall of Windows under UEFI on my M.2 SSD. I have an existing partition of arch linux on a 2.5" SSD. I had rEFInd on my 2.5" a while ago but I think it got overwritten by either a Windows update or...
  5. DragonGunner

    [SOLVED] Bootmgr is missing even after clean reinstall of windows 10

    Hi and happy holidays! I recently upgraded large parts of my computer for Black Friday. With these changes came the addition of two new ssds, one of which replaced my boot drive. I cloned the old c: (ssd) and everything worked fine. For a day. Then this morning I turned on my computer and it...
  6. W

    Question Boot issue after adding new SSD and resetting Bios

    Hi Guys, I added a new SSD to my custom PC yesterday. After installing it the computer would turn on and turn off constantly until I just powered it off. I unhooked all of the hard drives hoping that would resolve the issue but it did not. Next I pulled the power source from the motherboard and...
  7. J

    Question Boot from SSD but HDD is boot manager?

    Heyo! Is this normal? I think I am booting from my m.2 ssd (because windows boots up pretty fast) but my bios says that my HDD is the boot manager. I recently got an UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP so that's why I am asking :) Thanks in advance!
  8. B

    Dead to rights 2 hell to pay monitor display error

    Hi, i hope i'm at the right place to ask this question. if not let me know. so i got this game "dead to rights 2" from this link under the youtube video (i know its kind of illegal but i cannot find this game anywhere. not even in steam. otherwise i...
  9. T

    Trying to sell old gaming rig, need opinion on price

    Me and my roommate are trying to sell an old gaming rig that we have to build new ones but we dont know how much a used rig can go for, the one we are selling values at about $1400 if you were to build it new. We were thinking about putting it on ebay and starting the bidding at $1000 and buy...
  10. H

    System thread exception not handled.

    So today i went to plug in my controller into my pc, which ive done many times before, and plugged the hub into my motherboard, a usb cable from the hub, and cable to the controller. I dont know if this was the exact cause of the crash, but when i looked at my screen i got blue screened. so I...
  11. A

    Use VPN for internet but let programs use internal domain connection

    My work is extremely strict when it comes to the internet. However, i have to use it to complete some parts of my work. Ironically they really don't care and do not want to accommodate even access to work related sites. Imagine if Nazi Berlin had high speed intenet. Somewhat like that. I use PIA...
  12. K

    Screen can't Turn on

    I opened my acer aspire 522 laptop to clean inside and after closing it the laptop turns on but but nothing on the screen. The screen is not coming on at all
  13. K

    Enable PCI 3.0?

    Hi, I've just realized that my GPU supports 3.0 x16 so naturally I wanted to enable this. After looking in my BIOS I found settings for something like (Default Graphics Output) and it was set to PCI, but when selecting the drop down it has PCIE x4, x8, 16 and PCI. I checked with GPU Z and it...
  14. E

    Why is Saints Row IV dropping from 80 FPS to 20 FPS

    My specs are AMD A8 5600K APU AMD RADEON R9 270 16 GB RAM Windows 8.1 I run the game on Ultra but it also does it on the lowest settings as well, it was usually go from 80 FPS to 40 FPS then on occasion down to 20 FPS. When I'm high in the sky it has high FPS but when I'm sprinting on the...
  15. M

    What Processor should I get?

    I have a GTX 770 4GB, and I don't know if I should get the i5 4670k or the i7 4770k. What is the better choice so I don't bottleneck my GPU?