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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Can't boot to original SSD with new m.2 ssd installed

    I just got a new m.2 ssd (Samsung 860 Evo). I shut down the system and installed the new ssd onto the board. When I boot up, it goes into BIOS on it's own. I can't get it to boot Windows from the original ssd. If I remove the new m.2 ssd from the board and boot up, it boots from the original...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] BIOS not showing all installed memory

    I just picked up a used AsRock FM2A68M-DG3+ complete with processor with 2x4GB Samsung DDR3 memory (sorry, I don't have the complete specs of the memory off hand but will add later). Anyway got everything together and running and installed Windows 10. It seemed to run great, but out of a hunch...
  3. S

    1600 Mhz DDR3 ram only show up as 1333Mhz on Bios

    Hi guys, i am using 2 stick of Gkill DDR3 ram booth rated at 1600Mhz, they are not exactly the same model ( cause i bought them separately ). but when i installed both stick, one of them show up as 1333Mhz, the other is fine. i tried to turn on XPM profile but no changed. image...
  4. K

    Stuttering in games and I don't know why.

    Here are my spes. When i play anygame, ranging from league of legends to GTA V to Osu, I always have these small lags when im doing something. For example, when i am playing Osu, the screen would freeze really quick out of no where and go away...
  5. Malek Agha

    Is this PC build good?

    Any critisism is aprecciated:
  6. D

    Can someone help with my gaming computer build?

    I am building a computer and I have picked out parts I just need to know if Im missing something or there are any compatibility issues. Hard Drive-
  7. B

    Please review my first build. Is in AUD, I want to keep that price range. Any changes you would suggest please let me know :) Thanks