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  1. Carter McGee

    Question I can't boot up my PC. And if I do almost everything is ”Not Responding”

    My computer has been working fine from the time I built it (1 week ago) until today. It posts but it doesn't load up to where I sign in. I would then go into the boot setting and will not change anything and will just click save and restart. After 5 min of waiting it then loads up to where I...
  2. R

    Question Please enter setup to recover bios settings

    I just switched to Intel and finished my build and it boots to bios screen but won’t go to windows no matter what I do I have a 9700k with a z390-e I have a hard drive and an ssd as my boot drive from my previous amd build if anyone has any suggestions it would be helpful.
  3. G

    [SOLVED] PC won't boot straight away in cold temperatures, same applies to waking up from sleep

    My PC started acting weirdly a few days ago, it takes a few restarts to boot when left off for a long time ( a few hours), same happens during sleep mode, if I leave it asleep for any more than a few minutes it immediately crashes when I wake it. I noticed this behavior only started occuring now...
  4. Ghandi587

    Question My PC went to sleep and won't turn on.

    Motherboard LED is on when power is supplied, but if I press the power button on the Mobo to turn it on, nothing happens. Light stays on, no fans spin, not even a beep (I don't believe I have a way to enable sound for the mobo sadly.) Recently my Motherboard straight up died on me. Was a...
  5. EnderZip

    Question My PC unable to boot! Help!!!

    So recently my pc keep suddenly shut down when i was gaming or watching youtube. The screen goes black, the numlock on the keyboard turn off too but the fan still spinning! I wait for like 5 minutes and the fan were still spinning! I tried to hold the power button but it still not shutdown...
  6. V

    Question Rx 590 Nitro + Boot Fast artifact

    Hi people! About a month ago I bought an AMD Rx 590 Nitro +.When i boot into Windows 10, right before the login picture shows up there is a colored line showing up (not every time though).I don't know what is that but as soon as the pc gets into windows everything normal. These are some...
  7. R

    worth upgrading from a gtx 970 to a gtx 1080 ti?

    So im planning on upgrading my GPU and im currently using a Gigabyte gtx 970 3x windforce oc edition. Is it worth it to get a 1080 TI for 1080p 144hz gaming or would it be better to get a 1080 or 1070 ti
  8. D

    Can't type in anything including my password to open the computer. Keyboard won't work. Thought mine was broken bought a wir

    Can't type in anything including my password to open the computer. Keyboard won't work. Thought mine was broken bought a wir
  9. C

    Looking for 750w+ power supply w/ 4 x 8 pin PCI-E

    I am looking for a 750w+ power supply that has 4 x 8 pin PCI-E for around 50 dollars. I an needing to power two Sapphire R9 Nitro Fury Cards for mining, which pull 250-300 watts each. If this is not possible for the price, I am considering the use of adaptors, however I am almost certain Molex...
  10. johnx125

    Strange behavior while shutting down computer

    Yesterday night my computer took about 5-7 minutes to shut down and not only that... before shutting down it went on the "Preparing Windows" screen for a few seconds and then it finally shut itself down. I've never seen this behavior before!! My computer is fine now and shuts down in 20 seconds...
  11. D

    I have a new open HP still in box it's new how much can I sell it for and where?

    I have a omen HP 15.6" new in box 999$ after tax like 1100$ never used how much can I sell it for and where
  12. EPiC-PoTaTo-chiP

    Can't install windows 10 on SSD and get my stuff back.

    Hi Guys! Okay, so this is going to be a quite long one, but here goes... I were about to play a game with my friend, i booted up my PC and then the screens goes black, after showing me the MSI logo (i have a MSI motherboard). I tried numerous things, and since i couldn't fix it, i dicided i...
  13. P

    i6700K+ROG Hero Alpha+Kraken X61 Temperature Issue?

    Hi Guys, just want to ask you experienced folks to see if my setup is OK. I've seen multiple online sources with the same setup but their CPU Core temperature does not exceed 70 Deg. C. Anyone with same setup kindly share their numbers? Any ideas what may be wrong? What baffles me is that so...
  14. G

    Keyboard Malfunction - Multiple Key Presses

    Hi. I'm using a DELL Inspiron 15 5547. Oddly, whenever I press: - 3 or 4 (number keys on top of the alphabet keys), '43' gets typed in. - e or r, 're' gets typed in. - d or f, 'fd' gets typed in. - c or v, 'vc' gets typed in. Anybody here encountered the same issue? Using the on-screen keyboard...
  15. M

    Alright Boys. CPU Temps. Help Please.

    So..I noticed after a little while, all 4 of my CPU cores start to idle at 70C. Now. When I log off (Not restart) then log back in, the cores cool back down. I don't know what's causing. Does anyone know how to find the culprit/fix it? Thank you in advance.
  16. Thundurh

    Monitor effects performance?

    I just bought a GTX 970 paired with an i5 4690k and well, i'm getting a bit of lag and stuttering in games. Currently I have an ASUS VS208N-P monitor, which I will link. I'm thinking it might be causing some lag and stuttering because it just simply can't keep up with my card. I am thinking...
  17. C

    Is there a problem with my graphics card?

    Despite my hours of searching I haven't found a solution. I've recently installed a GTX 660 into my GA-M55plus-S3G REV:1.2 Motherboard. I'm pretty sure my corsair GS700 can handle that Graphics Card, motherboard, and 1 HDD. My problem is, after I installed it, it worked for a few moments...
  18. J

    Asus VS239HV vs. AOC i2367Fm

    Asus VS239HV: AOC i2367Fm: Hi all! I'm looking to upgrade a monitor, from a seven-year-old Dell (1680x1050) to one of the budget IPS monitors listed above. I can't extend the budget much further (£120-ish being...
  19. R

    Building new pc, would like some opinions.

    Parts already bought: CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor Motherboard: Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO ATX LGA1150 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 What is your opinion on these parts? For CPU Cooler i'm pretty much decided for Corsair H100i. For a case i'm thinking...
  20. A

    my ide hard is making a beep sound at the startup and it doesnt boot up,,,, help ??

    last night i started my PC the usual way, i found my hard disk wont boot up its making a beeping sound and then the msg comes up saying " restart your computer and select proper boot drvice" its a seagte barracuda, IDE hard disk help ??