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  1. J

    Question Is it possible to install an OS via an USB to SSD connector?

    I have a Blue Skull 17544-1 motherboard (it has three HDD slots and one SSD slot) I had a 1TB WD Blue SSD (M.2 2280) and a random HDD that came with the prebuilt PC The SSD failed and my OS (Windows 10) was installed on it. So, I bought a new SSD from the same company but with less storage...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 bootable USB not working

    Downloaded the Windows 11 iso and used Etcher to mount it on a USB 2.0 stick with more than adequate space. Does not boot when I plug it into my PC. Its the first in the boot list, I’ve screwed around with security settings and nothing works. I’ve read somewhere that W11 does not support USB...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] How to clone OS drive to bootable external hard drive for install on new SSD?

    Basically, I want to copy my C drive (128g M.2 SSD) which has my Windows OS, other files, etc. to my external USB hard drive and then restore that onto a new larger 1tb M.2 SSD I recently purchased. My motherboard only has one M.2 slot, I assume I could just copy my C drive (OS) to external...
  4. vimu1506

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 Bootable USB

    I downloaded windows 11 insider preview buils 22000 (beta channel) iso. Then i plugged in my 8gb Kingston usb and opened rufus then started to create bootable usb, suddenly rufus says an error that undetermined error while formatting. I tried many times and stil says that error. Then I tried...
  5. Dev0n_44

    Question How --- do you install windows?

    I am trying to boot windows from a usb. The usb has the windows media creation tool installed using the rufus software. The usb is formated as nfts. The bios is the old blue gigabyte bios. Im <Mod Edit> tired of this pls use simple instructions.
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Upgrading storage with only one M.2 port

    Hi folks, I'm in a bit of a predicament here, and I'd like your advice! I'm planning on upgrading my Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th Gen's storage from 256GB to 1TB. The issue is that this model only has one M.2 port, so copying directly from one drive to another is not an option. I have an external...
  7. S

    Question XP boot disk and USB not working

    I'm installing XP Sp3 on a friend's computer, clean install. I used a disk I've had for a while that apparently had some corrupt patches due to scratches and in turn caused a blue screen during install. Now I can't even get a boot disk to read in the drive. I went to a USB and installed a...
  8. Mk782001

    [SOLVED] Windows Won't Boot into Setup

    Hey Guys, I just got a 2.5" inch 240GB Sata SSD (WD Green) for my OLD hometheatre PC with H55 Mobo and i3 540 with GT710, enough for movies/streaming on my TV. The question is that I wanna do a clean installation of Windows 10 on the new SSD and I cannot seem to boot into the setup using my...
  9. using google in BSOD

    Question windows 10 stuck in recovery (no safe mode or startup repair)

    it happened after my pc suddenly turn off by itself when playing games (because previously, i overclocked it and i think my psu shut the pc down). i've plugged in an installation media and after i selected "generic usb" in boot settings, it bring me to a blue screen with this message: Recovery...
  10. Owent10

    [SOLVED] Need space for clean install of Windows 10

    Hello, I need to perform a clean install on my Acer aspire e15. I have a Windows bootable usb plugged in. I've selected custom install. I've backed up my documents View: There's the screen I'm at. I don't know what to delete from here Thanks
  11. T

    Question Windows 10 iso bootable usb drive stuck booting on an old system.

    So, I have this system consisting of old components listed below. CPU : Intel Xeon E5450 (Core 2 Quad Q9650 LGA 775 equivalent if I'm not mistaken) Motherboard : ASUS P5Q-VM (Latest bios version from ASUS website installed) RAM : 4 sticks of Kingston 2GB DDR2-800 CL5 1.8V. (The short stick...
  12. H

    Question Trying to create a bootable USB for Tails and it will not work

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Didn't seen an OS section. I've been trying to make a bootable USB for tails for a couple of days now and here is everything that i have tried. Tried using Rufus to make a bootable USB with a Tails ISO that i got directly from the tails website. I...
  13. N

    Question Need help with WIndows XP reinstall

    I'm having a problem with reinstalling Windows XP Professional 32-Bit, I need to make a bootable usb but my only viable attempt ended on a black screen with some kind of a corrupt image. I'd be very grateful if someone can provide information on where to download a Windows XP 32-Bit iso and link...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Running Windows 10 from a bootable USB flash drive will cause any harm to current OS and files?

    My laptop is running on Windows 7. I want to test Windows 10 before upgrading my system. I have decided to install Windows 10 in a bootable USB flash drive and run it. My question is that after I change the boot sequence and run Windows 10 in my laptop using USB then will it cause any harm to...
  15. L

    Question Can I install Windows 8 from USB to an External HDD, on Windows 10?

    I have a desktop running Windows 10. I own an empty HDD, and a USB preloaded with Windows 8 (and I have activation key). I would like to install Windows 8 on the external HDD so that when it is plugged in, I can choose to either boot from Windows 8 or Windows 10. Do I need to format my...
  16. L

    Question "A media driver your computer needs is missing" Insalling on ASUS B450M -A mother board with an AMD CPU

    Hi, So basically I have been trying to install Windows 10 from a USB (used previously for a friend on his AMD computer) onto a new PC. When I try and install windows I get the error message "A media driver your computer needs is missing". I have tried to boot from different USB ports (I only...