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  1. J

    Question Lenovo wont boot with Media Creation Tool Win10

    I have the following problem. I wanted to reinstall Windows 10 on my Lenovo Ideacentre 310S. So I installed a Win10 iso file on a USB stick. USB stick plugged into the Lenovo and set as boot option. Now it does not boot. Connected the hard drive and USB to another PC and formatted the hard...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Installing Windows 10 on an old platform

    I'm trying to reinstall Windows - computer not booting, stuck on "verifiyng dmi pool data" ? it says "verifiyng pool data" on usb hdd boot option with usb pen drive plugged in with windows 10 20h2 32bit flashed from android iso 2 usb. The bios is award bios 2008 max copyright. It booted to...
  3. YorkDeux

    Question No Display/Post Screen

    I recently had an issue of compatibility with CPU and MOBO that I resolved. When I boot up my PC I have no display. What can be the issue? I tried with and without my GPU. I plugged in audio cable and got no beeps unless in stupid and it is in wrong port. Specs: PSU: RM 850x CPU: Ryzen 7 3800x...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] My Motherboard (TUF Gaming X570) has an Orange DRAM Light Upon Booting

    I just finished my first build. Upon trying to start it for the first time, everything RGB was lit up and all of the fans were spinning. The monitor however, was completely black, and my keyboard and mouse plugged in via USB weren't doing anything. Upon closer inspection, an orange light with...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] How to prevent startup/boot based errors ??

    I can't even boot properly , every time I have to press the reboot or the force shutdown button on cabinet .... sometimes everything freezes after 5-10 mins of booting. Even the Technicians are confused. I'm suspecting HDMI to VGA convertor is the culprit but on seeing these errors idk what's...
  6. avinashsah

    Question Is my motherboard dead?

    Okay so today putting my pc to sleep I went to buy few veggies. Returned home and realise due to some issue my wifi router blew. Cracked it open and realise a resister inside it blew somehow. Now my hands reached on power button of my pc to wake it back up and nothing happened. I tried...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] NEED help with my pc not booting up

    everytime i try to start up my pc i’m hit with a error message saying reboot and select proper boot device i’ve tried everything i’ve seen on youtube and nothing seems to work i’ve went in my bios and i just can’t seem to figure it out it offers me a error as well that’s say press F1 to run set...
  8. Manthan-dev

    [SOLVED] Reset BIOS Settings and Clear CMOS

    All of BIOS Options are greyed out including RESET DEFAULT SETTINGS, I want reset Clear CMOS but Motherboard only have 2 PINS Without Jumpers. I also changed the Battery but nothing works. Please tell me the way to Clear CMOS and RESET BIOS. (Motherboard only have 2 pins without jumpers )...
  9. WickedSick

    Question Windows 10 boot screen stucks sometimes, get fixed with a restart

    Hello. First of all, sorry for inappropriate title. i had no idea how to describe it better. Now i'm going to describe the problem. The problem is almost 90% of times my windows boots completely normal, but oh, that 10%. It just stucks on boot screen, but without any circling white dots. just a...
  10. E

    Question Memory Slots Problem

    My computer wont boot with 2 x 8 ram sticks on 2nd and 4th slot in mobo, but it will on the 3rd and 4th slot, but it will on 1x8 on the 2nd slot.