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booting problem

Forum discussion tagged with booting problem.
  1. L

    Question Does anybody know the problem of my pc ? Not booting.

    I installed all my parts into my pc and when I turned it on, all of the fans started to spin, including the 2 fans on the graphics card, but the monitor says no signal and nothing booted. I tried another monitor but it also did not boot. Then I tried to put my father's graphics card (Gainward GT...
  2. Tymu

    Question does anyone know what the cause of my pc not wanting to boot is ?

    So recently i got my first pc and about a week after it warking just fine it didn't want to boot and forced me to automatic repair screen and if i tried to force it blue screen appeared and it said CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. After reinstalling windows everything was good for about 3 days and now its...
  3. HardAsARockie

    Question Installed 16GB (2 x 8GB) Only shows 8GB of RAM.

    Hello. I recently just upgraded my PC. Here are my specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: EVGA 1060 Superclocked 6GB PSU: Corsair CX430 RAM: Corsair LPX 3000Mhz 16GB I'm thinking this is a driver problem, but I'm worried this is a hardware problem. Thanks to anyone that responds
  4. HardAsARockie

    [SOLVED] Failed to boot. Failed to repair. Mouse & keyboard unresponsive. Please help.

    Hello, I recently upgraded my PC. When I boot into Windows 7, it says Windows is unable to start. It crashes, I get a quick blue screen, and it sends me to repair windows. When I repair windows, it fails. When I try to checkout other options, I am unable to due to my mouse and keyboard being...
  5. T

    Question Windows 10 no longer booting, no idea what’s going on.

    Hello everybody, Recently I turned on my computer and it got stuck loading windows, I was never able to reach my log in screen. Now it just instantly boots with the automatic repair, and it loads the repair options. I’ve tried commands, I’ve tried repair. I do not have restore points, or backup...
  6. S

    GPU Temp Confusion after water loop

    I had a question about the current temps I'm seeing in my water loop in regards to my CPU and GPU. Before I had this custom loop I had a corsair h115i Premium (280mm)  going to CPU and the combination of the Kraken G12 bracket and a Kraken x52 (240mm) going to my GPU (1080ti). Temps at idle was...
  7. H

    GPU Usage Extremely Low

    My game drops fps and skips frames and after checking the usage I was shocked.
  8. supmah100

    How to remove Search.Yahoo from chrome (only)

    So the problem is pretty straight forward... I have got something on my PC that redirects me when I make searches in the top bar to Yahoo! (search.yahoo). I have tried many full PC scans. F-Secure, AVG, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, Bitdefender and even Windows 10 Defender. Probably more as Chromes...
  9. I

    can intel motherboard work for dell inspiron m5030 instead of its faulty amd motherboard

    I need to replace a troublesome AMD motherboard in DELL M5030 Notebook with an INTEL one