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  1. D

    Question Pc freeze then monitor keyboard and mouse turn off while pc stays on win10

    Hello Lately i have been having a very random and aggravating issue with my gamer. Upon boot up (once on on desktop) or waking from hybrid sleep, my mouse will freeze and 2 seconds later my keyboard, monitor and mouse shut off, but the pc lights stay on as well as fans ect. The hard drive...
  2. ThunDagaFlare

    RAM clearence when logged off

    is RAM cleared when i log off from a user? i know it is when i power off/restart my pc
  3. B

    Would my CPU bottleneck if I got a new GPU?

    My PC's gaming performance is pretty bad so I'm thinking about getting a new GPU. I was 100% sure that my CPU's gonna bottleneck while playing games with my new GPU, but it's worth a try asking you guys. I currently have an A10 7800 CPU and an R7 370 GPU I'm thinking about getting a GTX 980 PC...