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Forum discussion tagged with bootloader.
  1. K

    Question How would i root and flash the Evolution X ROM onto my Samsung Galaxy A6 2018?

    I have a Samsung galaxy A600FN 2018 running Android 10 with Samsung's One UI 2.0. I want to flash the Evolution X ROM onto it as I'm constantly low on storage and would like to free up some space with a lighter OS and use my SD card as native storage. How would I do this? What is unlocking the...
  2. Question W10 Grub is glitched, can't read recovery screen

    When booting, I used to get a grub recovery screen, which upon trying the different filesystems it would tell me they were all invalid. So I tried doing doing bootrec FixMbr/FixBoot/ScanOs/RebuildBcd but I didn't have access apparently: And now I end up with this: I have no clue how to fix...
  3. A

    keep getting system error on pc

    Hello, I was wondering if this is the right place to post this. I keep getting a system error of H8007007E (-2147024770) on my brothers laptop. I've been trying to troubleshoot his laptop because I'm pretty tech savvy. He just bought this laptop too. So far some of the missing DLL files on the...
  4. H

    Budget computer for youtube and browsing $500+

    Hi, I'm looking to build another computer with the upcoming black friday sells coming up (I live in Canada). I'm looking for a cheap build using maybe one of those new Ryzens and I'm hoping for at least 8gb of ram. I don't need monitor, keyboard or anything, just the tower and components inside...
  5. E

    Anybody getting this weird little bug

    https://i.imgur.com/T1HeHRr.png All windows apps would look like this and this just bothers me and wondering if anybody else is getting this, this is on the latest update
  6. K

    Updated APU PC with dedicated GPU, now games run AWFUL! plz help

    Ive exhausted my knowledge, cant find much online.. I was running this game a little slow, so i decided to buy a GPU to play it smoothly.. Now all my games run way slower. Everything runs great. The on board DVI slot is disabled, I tried using it. Threads ive seen said check BIOS, nothing. Check...
  7. dragonwolf8504

    Should I get a GTX 970 or go for the newer GTX 1050ti

    I'm having a hard time deciding if the extra $25-50 is worth it for an older GTX 970 over the roughly $200 for a 1050ti. I can get a MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC for about $225 shipped from someone local (they belong to a Facebook group "PC gamers of" Ohio on my case.) Or should I get a 1050ti? I play...
  8. vladikmashk

    Graphics glitch, looking for fix in Nvidia control panel, can't find it.

    LOOK AT THE TREES WHEN MOVING THE CAMERA (If you don't see anything, really focus on the trees, they appear to be ghosting slightly, this isn't my monitor, other things don't ghost) LOOK AT THE EDGES OF THE LETTERS This is a video from Civ 5 but this glitch also happens in some other games...
  9. S

    Deleting duplicate OS?

    Hello. I have windows on both my SSD AND HDD I assume I can't just delete the windows files off of one.... is there another simple way? I have windows 10 Have windows 8 CD with key tho
  10. C

    GA-B75M-D3V mobo weird compatibility

    In the past i had GPU on pci express 3.0 and it didn't work...now i;m thinking if this was the cause * The PCI Express x16 slot supports up to PCI Express 2.0 standard when an Intel 32nm (Sandy Bridge) CPU is installed. because i wanna order a new gpu and i don't wanna be stuck with pci express...
  11. N

    R9 295x quadfire issue

    Hey everyone, I recently bought another 295x2 to crossfire and when I go to play games or benchmark the second 295x2 core never goes above 300mhz and memory stays at 150mhz. The top card goes 1018 core during games and benchmarks. But the second card never seems to "fire" up I have tried...
  12. B

    Windows 7 not working in new rig

    I have an old PC that has a small hdd with Win 7 that works fine and when i put it in my new rig it doesn't work it boots up to the windows logo the bsods I tried the old hdd because my new one wasn't working on the pc and I though the hard drive is faulty but i know it isn't now Specs fx 6300...
  13. I

    XFX R9 280X and Eyefinity?

    For my build I'm considering buying a XFX R9 280X (for £215) and using it for eyefinity setup. The only thing I'm concerned about is how capable it will be. Of course I wont be getting 60+FPS Ultra, that's obvious, but I was hoping for more of a medium/high fps and quality. I was thinking if I...
  14. M

    Cannot Factory Reset

    Hello there, I have recently ran into some trouble... My PC Wasn't running as well as it used to so I decided to try and just reset the whole thing using the windows 8 reset, restore or refresh. I have tried all three and they each fail and say something along the lines of "Could not reset, No...