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    Question Multiple Gpus crash and reboot computer on driver install

    I'm not very savvy when it comes to hardware and I only have a basic understanding of the software pertaining to this. For my sake I ask that any suggestions describe in detail what they want me to do and avoid using tech terms I might not understand. What I'm using: Computer: Acer Aspire...
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    Question Getting a boot loop.

    Had a boot loop after I installed a hard drive on a new system. Decided to reinstall windows, still the same problem even tho it worked fine after the installation till the moment I had to turn off the pc. safe mode works fine. thanks for any help. motherboard: A68HM-E33 V2 edit: clean...
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    Question Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Stuck in Recovery Mode

    Last night I switched off my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and left it on charge and a few hours later when I went to switch it back on, the phone went into a boot loop which did result in it sometimes displaying the Samsung animation screen and very rarely even going as far as booting up completely and...
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    Question Left PC off for ~5 Months, Now Constant Boot Loop

    Hello Everyone, I recently went to university and have not had the time to game as much as I used to, so I haven't been playing many games on my rig since. I ended up getting a virus on it because of my own stupidity, so I ended up disconnecting it from wifi while I waited to get my old windows...
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    Question Boot loop

    Hello guys so i recently decided to upgrade my CPU, and of course i had to change my motherboard and ram with it since its a DDR3 motherboard Anyway i changed my parts to i5-9600K and Asrock z390 pro4 and corsair vengeance rgb 3200 16 gb so i took all the parts out and put in the new ones with...
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    Question Installing two copies of windows on one PC

    So actually the problem is whenever i start my PC and restart it or shut it down and start is again same time it just goes to bootloop. And that mostly happens after i installed all my games and adobe softwares. I don't know whats the problem. So i thought that if i install two windows on single...
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    [SOLVED] How to Identify if the motherboard is bad/broken/dead?

    So what really happen is everything is working fine and i decided to clean my pc parts since it's been more than 6 months since the last time i clean my pc and the dust are really visible already(visible dust but not severe). I used paintbrush and blower then put everything back and the PC won't...
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    Question Laptop Works with Linux But Not Windows

    Hey, guys. I have encountered a situation with my laptop that I do not understand at all, and while it's not too important to me that I resolve this issue, I was just wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like this or could explain what's going on to me. Unfortunately, this situation has a...
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    Question Big issues adding new ram

    Recently I tried to add more ram to my pc, going from 2x8 go to 4x8gb. But when I added the new ram the pc would power on but no picture would be displayed and the red memOK light came on. I pressed the button to do a memory check but the computer remained dysfunctional. I took the two new...
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    Question Motherboard causing ram damage?

    my pc bootloop, at first i was able to use windows, playing intensive games etc., then after about 15-20 minutes my pc shutdown itself, i try rebooting then it start bootlooping. Motherboard dram led indicator turn solid on, try another working ram on another pc to my pc, then able to boot into...
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    Low FPS in Rainbow Six Siege with Ryzen 2700x and 1070ti

    So I recently watched a video of someone running benchmarks on Rainbow Six Siege while using a rig with same specs. He was averaging over 100 FPS on Ultra settings while I average 70~80. If I remember correctly, his hardware was not overclocked at all. I have a Ryzen 2700x @ 4.0 GHz, Nvidia GTX...
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    Everytime I try to run a game my PC freezes

    Every time I try to run a game my PC freezes. This also happens sometime when watching YouTube videos. All of my drivers are up to date and I just build this PC yesterday. This is a speccy ink with all of my system specs.
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    My 128Gb ADATA XPG m.2 drive not being recognized

    I have a ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming AM4 AMD X470 and my OS is in drive c Aka : XPG SX6000 128GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Internal SSD i keep getting BSOD randomly and like sometimes my pc wont recognize the drive . ill boot and ask to select the boot drive. Also i disabled the other 2 storage...
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    Viewing BIOS/recovery on external display, broken laptop screen

    Hey all, I've had a Lenovo Y510P laptop with a broken screen for years, and have been using it with an external monitor. Recently it was 'bricked' from a faulty Windows update, but I can still load BIOS & boot options, Windows recovery and Lenovo recovery. It even displayed this all to the...
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    Is my computer overheating?

    I'm new to this. Don't know much about computers. I bought a hp stream 14 refurbished fanless laptop but it gets warm, and the sound got very choppy for just a split second. It only happened twice. These are screenshots of the temps from real temp.
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    Windows suddenly dissapeared

    Hello, i have windows 10 and i was on my pc. Suddenly it says: Your windows has problem and needs restart. (Or something like this). When i did restart besides windows, gigabyte sofware popped up. And i don't know what is the problem. Also right before this i connected my cd player to pc. Thank...
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    NZXT S340 and TP Link N900 backplate

    so the backplate of the TP Link N900 won't fit into the back of the case. The backplate is a bit taller than the slot in the case. I can take the backplate off and the card itself fits perfect, even with the backplate off the antennae ports on back of the card BARELY fit through the case...
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    GPU or else?

    Hi all, please help me. I have lag problem in all racing games (except Track Mania), when I say lag, I mean that after 15 minutes of playing, there is a FPS drop from 30 FPS to 5 for about 15 seconds, then everything comes back to normal for aprox. 3-5 minutes, when lag again. The system is...
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Backlights Won't Turn Off

    Earlier I was having problems with a program called Nox. It was stuck in fullscreen and was unable to get out of fullscreen. Tried Alt F4, Alt+Ctrl+Del, etc. Basically pressed every key on my keyboard and what ever I pressed, the backlight on my keyboard turned on and now I cannot get them to...
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    is zogis gt 970 compatible with intel DH55TC?

    im thinking on buying a zogis GT 970 4gb gddr5 256 bit pci ex. 3.0, and i want to know if my old (but battle veteran XD) intel DH55TC can handle it? and if it is compatible, also i'd like to know if i can increase the memory with 2 x dimm ADATA 8gb pc 1333 ddr3 plus 2x 2gb kingston 1333 ddr3...