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    [SOLVED] New SSD plugged in - BOOTMGR is missing before migration

    I purchased a Samsung SSD to migrate my windows 10 system to the new drive. I've seen other topics having issues where users will get the "BOOTMGR is missing" after migration. But my problem is happening BEFORE I even got to the migration step. I simply shut down the computer, plugged in the...
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    Adding another GTX 970?

    Hi, so i know Pascal is comming up, and then the prices will drop at previous GPUs, so should i buy another GTX 970, and what Power supply should i buy?? I have a i7 4790K with 16 PCI-E lanes.
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    Help: Computer died not will not turn on.

    This Christmas i built a computer for myself and it was working fine all the way up until a couple weeks ago when it wouldn't turn on. Then after a little bit and turning the power supply off and on again it started working perfectly again. Then just today it turned off by itself and now will...
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    InterVLAN routing question

    Hi to all, I am currently trying to reach a printer on another network using a Layer 3 switch (Cisco 3750) Here is a simplified diagram : WIFI ROUTER ------------------- CISCO 3750 ( VLAN 1 ( -------------------- Business network (10.1.100.xx)...