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  1. testeras

    Discussion My pc wont boot in windows

    So i bought a pc for 300$ with this specs I5 2320 r9 270 ih61m 2x4 Gb Kingston 1333mhz Psu 460w. I was using it fine for a week until yesterday. I was playing Gta V online and i saw screen flickered once i ignored it, after 15 mins another one. Screen started going crazy until windows crashed. I...
  2. rejilshrestha

    Question Advice needed! Tried waking up my laptop from sleep mode but the laptop won't read the OS installed SSD anymore. So, laptop won't boot up!

    Hello to all. I just had a serious problem in booting up my laptop (Asus ROG G751JT). I left my laptop on Sleep mode. After a while, I came back and tried to wake it up by hitting random keys on my keyboard as usual. But, it didnt work. (if it did, I would know as my mechanical keyboard and...