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  1. DavidMB

    Question Laptop fans act strangely with certain games

    I forgot when this started happening, but one day suddenly on my G7 7790 laptop, whenever I launched Borderlands 2, my fans would immediately turn on max speed, and stay that way for the whole game. I think this started happening a couple months after I got the laptop, and I find it bizarre...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Framerate degrading over time, while running Borderlands 1

    I've had this problem for a while, it appears that when i run the game Borderlands 1 for about 20min the game and my entire computer starts to stutter. After doing some digging I havent found a single person with the same problem. I've ran antivirus software, verified steam cache, reinstalled...
  3. B

    Enmotus FuzeDrive hdd

    Hello.. I recently reinstalled windows on a m.2 ssd but that isnt the main problem.. the main problem is that I had it fuzedrived with my 2tb hdd and now I cant access that hdd due to the forgetfulness of not unfuzing the fuzedrive. So anyone got any ideas on how to fix this or am I just...
  4. A

    Window update running forever, a few hours

    I wonder if anyone can advise. I have an old laptop, new in 2008, ASUS G71V. Installed Win 7 ultimate 64bit a couple of years ago. Recently, tried to use it. First thing was to run window update and check for update but I have left it running for a couple of hours, still going. In the end, I...
  5. Y

    Connecting 2 gpus p55ud3 motherboard.

    hi, i am looking to connect 2 gpus into my motherboard, how do i connect the second gpu? is it possible with the p55ud3 , i think it is but not 100% sure,in the gpu specs i need pci x16 slot. in the motherboard specs ( it says 1 pci 16...
  6. Faze_Infinity

    My pc keeps restarting

    my PC keeps restarting after 20 min of use or something like that it provides a blue screen and it says something about system execution
  7. K

    3 CPUs 1 choice

    750k-44$ no warranty 860k-59$ 19 months warranty fx 6300-89$ 1 year warranty my question is what cpu should i take,is there a big difference in fps? currently i have pentium G2010 so i was thinking about selling my mobo and get fm2 for the same price. i can take i3 2100 so i dont need to sell my...
  8. N

    Any cheap good gaming pcs?

    I'm looking for a good gaming pc that's cheap. I know a few people who have made them before and could help me. Anything 500 or below works. Preferably with over a terabyte storage. It can be over 500 but not 650. Kind of looking to run games like youtubers run for videos. Looking for games such...
  9. M

    Overclocking and Temps. i5 3570k

    Hello, I have recently Overclocked my CPU to 4ghz from 3.4. I have just ran a prime95 smallfft test for an hour and these are my results (on stock voltage) Should i be happy with this? or can i safely push some more? (I am very new to overclocking so any help would be appreciated) Thanks, Matt.
  10. imDCStar

    GTX 650 vs HD 7770 ghz vs Gtx 460

    Hi everybody, i have choice to purchase one from them. please help me finding which one is best for me. My requirements are: Gaming and 3D Rendering Power. i am currently using XFX GT 240 1GB DDR3 (70W) if i remember correctly i want performance with less power use. but performance is first...
  11. swolenator

    pc wont boot after card install

    So I got the 2978 970 ftw and installed it in my pc which is a dell XPS 730x 1000wattpsu. So I tried to turn on my pc and nothing it won't do anything now. So I took it out and put back in the old one and still nothing. If I hold in the back power reset button the lights and fans come on that...
  12. C

    TOSHIBA SATELLITE P55T-A5202 Plugged in Not Charging Battery 0%

    Hi all. Desperately trying to figure this one out. Laptop is only 1 year and 3 months old -used maybe 4-5 times a week. The laptop just shuts down - even when it's plugged in. Battery shows 0% , but when I plug it in to charge, it says "0% plugged in - not charging". Battery was healthy...
  13. I

    Brand new EVGA GTX 750 ti FTW ACX does not output video, but fans spin.

    Recently bought a brand new EVGA 750ti FTW ACX. It's not outputting anything, but the fans spin. Additionally, the computer functions normally other than not being able to detect the graphics card, although the intel internet doesnt work. SPECS---- ASRock Z97 Anniversary Edtion PART NO...
  14. E

    My printer HP 8600 connected to my iMac OS 10.10.3 via Bonjour is nor working, pls help

    I lost the connection with the HP Inject Pro 8600 Plus, connected to my iMac OS 10.10.3 Yosemite, wireless connection local network, using Bonjour. Unable to get HP or Apple to solve my problem. Please help me. Thank you Eduardo
  15. N

    BSOD ntoskrnl.exe under load

    Hi all, These BSODs have been plaguing me for a while now. They do not happen all that often, but its always when my rig is under load. I have not had much time to do much that makes computer work hard for about 6 months now, so this may be why the BSOD does not happen too often (probably once...
  16. O

    ASUS P5QC + 771 E5450 xeon

    hello peaple! i bought a 771 E5450 from ebay and i afraid i did a mistake)) i'm alittle worried . will it work ? any one got expiriance in this ? i also found even a better CPU X5460 , maybe a should take him ? suggest please
  17. G

    Seeking advice on memory purchase

    Hi guys, let me start with my system specs Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1605T Thuban 45nm Technology RAM 8.00 GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 803MHz (11-11-11-28) GPU Radeon HD7870 Motherboard: http:// Now as you see i have 8gb of terrible ram ( 4 x 2gb sticks) and am looking to...
  18. L

    Can this run bf4 ultra 40-60 Fps

    Cpu: amd fx 6300 Graphics card: evga geforce gtx 760 2 gb Ram: corsair vengenance 8 gb (2x4 gb)