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  1. K

    Question Why is my CPU bottlenecking my PC?

    My rig: When trying to play AC:O on high settings, I can't seem to even get consistent 60fps. My GPU usage as per the benchmark is only 60% but my CPU's usage is at 100%. I find this strange. Isn't i7700K supposed to be an ultra-end CPU? AC:O isn't the only game where I've...
  2. yoabu-gaming

    Question Will my xeon e5 1620 0 (3.6ghz) bottleneck my gtx 1070

    I recently found a xeon e5 1620 0 for cheap and wanted to upgrade my old cpu i wonder if it will bottleneck my gtx 1070
  3. U

    Question Will the Ryzen 5 1600 hold back RTX 2060

    First time builder here. Since the R5 1600 is going for really cheap in my country I wonder if it will hold back RTX 2060?
  4. A

    gtx760 preformance issues

    Hey guys. I just recently bought a new gtx760 recently. I feel like its having some abnormal preformance issues. when playing skyrim i get about 40ish frames with everything maxed (1440x900). I suspect a CPU bottleneck but i dont feel like a bottleneck would be hitting me as hard as this. My rig...