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    Question Suggestions for switching from a Macbook Pro 2020 ?

    Hey y'all, my name is Ryan and I need a laptop recommendation. I've been using the maxed-out version/configuration of the Macbook Pro 2020 M1 and it has been smooth as silk except for one huge thing: it's affecting my work. I mainly work in marketing and sales automation (something like this...
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    Question New laptop. Constanly hearing fan noise

    Hey guys, I recently bought a HP Pavilion 15-cs0085cl. I constantly hear fan noise and I find it strange and a little annoying. I have a warranty so I can return it if I want. My question is that is it normal for some laptops to have constant fan noise? Is there a way I can permanently reduce...
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    Question What should I buy new or refurbished laptop

    Hello I need to buy a cheap laptop for programming (coding) for 300 euro but I don't know to buy a brand new or refurnished. I stopped on brand new hp (intel pentium n5000, 128ssd, 8 ram) and the refurbished one Lenovo (Intel i5 3360m or i7 3520m 16 ram and 480 ssd) so what should I buy?I think...