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  1. Question Connect PC with only Ethernet ports (no USB) to Wlan

    Hi Everyone, Hope I'm posting in the correct section. I'm looking for a Ethernet->Wlan bridge with 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies that can be managed through CLI (SSH?). [edit] I need to connect a PC to a Wlan network via Ethernet To be more specific, I explain the context: What I need to do...
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    Question Can someone help me with Bridging LAN issues?

    System Windows 10 64bit ROG Maximus XI Formula 32Gigs of G.Skill TridentZ RGB 3200 RAM I9-9900k 970 Pro 1TB (OS) 860 Pro 1TB (Back-Up) No overclocks Router: ASUS RT-N66R (QoS disabled, Ipv6 enabled) When I'm running 1 ethernet connection I get full download speed 140-160 Mbits per second. And...
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    Screen resolution issue

    I bought the gtx660 and have started using hdmi instead of vga to connect pc to 1920x1080p hdtv but the screen is really blurry and the display is too large for the screen. The drivers are up to date and the resolution for the monitor is 1920x1080p and I've tried changing it but it just gives an...