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    Question Brightness slider works on one laptop, but not on the other one? Why?

    Hi everyone. I two laptops that have Windows 10 Pro on them. I can adjust the screen brightness on one of these laptops, but not on the other. Does anyone know why? Does anyone know what I can do to make this other laptop's screen brightness adjustable? Maybe there are files on the laptop with...
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    [SOLVED] Aorus monitor brightness issue

    Whenever my monitor displays a high percentage of dark pixels the screen brightness goes down by alot. It doesn't happen all that much when I'm just browsing because there's always relatively bright things on the screen. The only time it really get in the way is if I'm watching a movie in full...
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    Question cant decrease brightness in windows 10

    Hello everyone, I am using windows 10, ASUS X456UAK. My problem is I can not increase or decrease the laptop brightness. Event I tried from windows mobility center and found that the brightness bar is already in 0% but still brightness is in the max. I tried to find out the problem and googled...