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  1. santaclause20505

    Question No internet...!! Red blink... Wan port is unplugged...

    Out of the blue, my router will start blinking red light. When i dive into wireless settings-- "Wan port is Unplugged". i have to physically unplug and re-plug the ethernet cable that goes into WAN port. BOOM I Have Internet connection. Again when i lose internet(random once a day).. have to...
  2. rejwan98

    Question How to create backup network or increase bandwidth

    Hi, my current home at the moment has fibre maxed out at 80mbps, i have tried different providers and all are decent but i do run into a lot of line issues which stops my broadband for a while (applies to 3 different providers i have tried), the past month i got a contract for 5g with three...
  3. Watrevir

    [SOLVED] Which is better: Low Latency and Low Bandwidth or High Latency and High Bandwidth?

    Hello all Where I live we're stuck with cable download speeds up to 2Mbps with around 30ms latency. The connection is pretty inconsistent - often we get sub-1Mbps speeds, which is unusable. We use the internet for browsing and streaming, but I have to borrow a friend's connection if I want to...
  4. #Arnab_Das

    [SOLVED] Can WiFi Router be configured to limit number of connected devices?

    Can we configure a Wi-Fi router in such a way, like - out of these three devices, only one device can connect to the wifi at a time? If Yes, How? Actually I want to provide internet to others, but I can't trust them that they will use only one device at a time. So I want to configure the router...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Laptop not getting maximum download speed

    Hopefully someone can assist me. Recently changed broadband provider with a max of 350mbp/s. My phone - Huwaei P30 Pro, achieves this download speed consistently whereas my laptop "only" achieves 50mbp/s, both are in the same room connected to the same band. My laptop is a hp 250 g4 windows 7...
  6. OrdJk

    How much download and upload is needed to stream on twitch ? (as a minimum)

    Streaming on the streamlabs obs with 1080p 60 , what is the minimum requirement for this resolution without lag ?
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Powerline extenders dangerous to broadband modem... is this real?

    I'm currently using a pair of 300 Mbps powerline adapters for one computer in my house. I've purchased a pair of 2000 Mbps adapters which I hope will improve my bandwidth. They're supposed to be delivered on Saturday. Today we had an Internet outage, and we had to contact Comcast to get service...
  8. Kz-RD

    [SOLVED] Broadband speed can not up to 500Mb

    My broadband company offer is 500Mb and it was well. But since I upgrade my motherboard to 'B450M mortar Platinum'; my broadband speed can only take to around 200Mb. I have changed my cable to CAT6 too. I double check with company and their troubleshooting can not change anything. I am not...
  9. M

    Question Speed drops at night...why?

    Hi, I have fiber connection at my home with download speed of 150mbps but each day the speed drops from 9pm to 11pm to below 10mbps. I have contacted my internet provider and they are unable to find any problem with my connection and moreover my friends also use same Isp and they don't face such...
  10. A

    Question a lot of packet loss and lag

    thnx for ur attention good sir/mam... m just looking for more information about my situation. So i got a broadband connection recently. the dude puts a 'dish' on the roof of our house then probably uses a telephonecable about 30meters long to connect to the router (there is a converter of some...
  11. T

    Question Awful speeds and ISP giving me no help

    My main question is: Why is my router getting 19Mb but not outputting anywhere near that even with a direct Ethernet connection? So I’ve moved into my house last September (2018) and got a deal with EE. I live in a pretty remote area of SW U.K. so I know I was never going to get the speeds I...
  12. R

    Question Differing Internet Speeds for Wired Devices

    We just had a 300 mbps Internet service installed in our home, and my desktop routinely registers average speeds of 315 mbps. Needless to say, I'm very pleased. My wife and son, however, have their desktops connected to the same router via Cat 6A Ethernet cables, as I do, and their average...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Router keeps disconnecting

    I have a broadband internet connection but my router just keeps disconnecting randomly sometimes. It doesn't turn off, only the wifi light is gone. Then i switch it off and on and it works. I've tried resetting the router and changing the channel but i still have the issue.How can...
  14. A

    Question two sets of ram both report poorly

    If I have two separate sets of ram (I'm trying 2 and then another 2 and running all 4 at once) and they always report to be under performing is it most likely that the mother board is the problem? Or could there be something else? edit: according to pc part picker both sets of ram are...
  15. F

    [SOLVED] LPX Corsair Vengance Compatibility

    I am fairly new to the world of PC building so I have a question that I couldn't find the answer to elsewhere. I am going to be building a new system soon here are the specs, MoBo: MSI B360 Gaming Plus, I5 8600k and (hopefully) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb (2x8gb) ddr4 memory. Will the board and...
  16. K

    [SOLVED] What Should I Upgrade?

    Hey everyone! i've been thinking about upgrading my PC. i have around $200 - $300 at max What should i upgrade? My current PC are G4560 Team eliteplus 8x1 2400mHz 450w power supply and GTX 1050Ti AsRock H110M-HDV 1TB HDD from WD Blue what do you guys think? Thankyou
  17. W

    [SOLVED] Help me get a tutorial on the configuration of my dell precision t3500

    how do i get a tutorial on the configuration of my dell precision t3500 before upgrading the ram and memory.
  18. B

    Different switching adapter with the same input/output?

    Okay, so I bought a 144hz monitor a few months back. Turned out that the switching adapter that came with it emitted an infernal electrical noise when my computer was turned off. Customer support wanted me to send the entire monitor + adapter, but I felt it was too much of a nuisance now to send...
  19. D

    Gpu fans won't spin after booting to OS

    Hey everybody, i've recently built my first pc with a rx 580 nitro+ 8 gb, today i noticed that it was underperforming heavily in most games, so i took the case apart and i saw that the fans aren't spinning even under load, i did a fan health check using TRIXXX and they do work, what do i do now...
  20. J

    i5 8400 to i7 8700k

    Im upgrading my cpu to an i7 8700k there's this really good deal, im running a gtx 1070. should i upgrade my psu while im at it? i have a 500w psu atm
  21. XMEN_2012

    [SOLVED] Ryzen Zen 2 is here - Ryzen 9 will be fastest at 5.1Ghz

    Ryzen Zen 2 cpus is about to take conputer world by storm. Check link below for complete information.
  22. K

    [SOLVED] battery replacement kindle fire 10

    I have a kindle fire 10.1 tablet 2017 edition and i want to replace the battery. Is there an original battery replacement for it or i must search on third parties batteries? and if i search to the third parties battery replacement can i use a bigger battery for it?
  23. Naipross

    [SOLVED] AMD athlon 870k bad cinebench score

    how is this 860k at 3.7GHz faster and better than my 870k at 4.2GHz His score is 287 and mine is 276 why?
  24. mrcstalgic

    Would a single RTX 2080Ti be better than Dual GTX 1080ti in SLI for running a 4k 144Hz Monitor?

    My current specs are good, but I am thinking of switching my GPU to something with more "power." I'm also thinking of either getting 3 1920x1080p 240hz Monitors, or 1 4k 144hz Monitor (ROG Swift PG27UQ). So let's say I go for the 4k monitor, what would be better to use, 2 1080tis or 1 2080ti...
  25. AndrewFreedman

    Best Gifts for Gamers 2018

    Whether the gamer in your life is due to upgrade their mouse or controller, add some new games to their library or add some storage to an aging rig, we have gifts for every budget. Best Gifts for Gamers 2018 : Read more
  26. B

    Input not support

    Windows 7 in not safe mode open
  27. L

    Monitor shuts off then turns on.

    So I recently built a new computer last week, the first couple days there wasn't a single problem, but as of recently my main monitor (Acer GN246HL Bbid 24-Inch 3D Gaming Display) will randomly shut off then reconnect within a few seconds. This only happens when I'm playing video games as well...
  28. J

    HELP! My computer has strange DNS problems.

    My Ethernet-connected desktop can resolve only about 30% of the sites that I try to visit. The problem is just with my desktop computer. I don't have any problems If I plug the desktop's Cat-5 cable into my laptop, so it is not a problem with my ISP (AT&T U-verse). My desktop is running Win 10...
  29. P

    Multiple attempts at fixing boot loops, not memory, restored windows 2 times now HELP!!

    So I just built my first pc. Everything was going fine for a of couple days until I started getting boot loops with different error messages each time. After looking up multiple solutions to this and trying as many as I could, I would still be getting BSoDs. One day, for some reason, windows...
  30. S

    Does a 4-pin AIO Pump need a 4-pin header?

    I'm getting a masterliquid 240 and I need the pump to ideally plug into the 3 pin chassis header on my mobo. Just wondering if it will work, or whether I should just get a molex adaptor to plug directly into the psu. (extra: I plug my aio fans into the cpu header right?)
  31. D

    Trouble installing windows on fresh samsung 970 evo

    I had trouble with a 960 evo 250gb ssd that was my main boot disk. I was getting lots of BSOD errors so I decided to do a fresh install. I wiped the disk using gparted then tried to install windows again, but I constantly got a "Windows could not retrieve information about the disks on this...
  32. M

    Will this motherboard work with Windows 10?

    Hello! I was wondering if this motherboard would work with Windows 10: Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H
  33. PaPies

    Best high-end monitor for gaming?

    I'll start off by saying I don't have an option to order from Amazon or similiar websites. Only local ones. I enjoy 144hz but I also wanna try for the first time, 21:9 ratio, but I don't know what monitor is good so if anyone can help me that would be great! Setec has more options but check out...
  34. R

    "Upgrading" 11 Year Old PC

    Hi, I used to know what I was doing but have no idea about current PC hardware. I have a 2007 vintage PC and want to build a 2018 gaming PC. I know the CPU, memory, graphics card, etc. are history but can the CPU and case be used with modern motherboards. Here's the old machine: Intel Core 2...
  35. C

    Hard drive not functioning properly

    Ok, so I have recently built a new PC. For storage, I installed a 2tb WD hdd and a 120 Kingston ssd. The issue is that my computer seems to only be utililizing the SSD for storage. Here is the view of drives from file explorer: Here is...
  36. D

    Advice on best cpu please

    My friend recommended I buy a i5 4690k I’m trying to get the best possible processor for the cheapest amount of money I have a gtx 1070 and an amd fx-8350 right now which do you recommend? Also I’d prefer not to change the motherboard but I gusss I have to if I’m going to switch to Intel
  37. J

    Noctua NH-D15 Thermal grease question

    Good day everyone. When I ordered the NH-D15, I didn't know it came with its own thermal grease. Something called NT-H1. I bought Zalman ZM-STG2. is there any difference between the two and can anyone recommend one or the other? Thanks.
  38. S

    NVMe SSD not detected - assistance welcome

    Bought a new NVMe SSD (960 Evo) Samsung 500GB. I have a MSI A320 Gaming Pro Motherboard with the latest bios installed. The drive will not be detected in bios or windows. If I put only the NVme drive or my usual SSD and the NVme drive it at the same time well neither situation allows detection...
  39. H

    $950 Gaming PC

    Main usage: -Video Editing -Photoshop -Gaming Working > Gaming ----- Build: CPU : AMD Ryzen 2600 Motherboard : ASRock AB350M PRO4 RAM : G. SKILL DDR4 AEGIS GAMING SERIES F4-3000C16D-16GISB 3000Mhz 2x8GB 16GB kit GPU : ASUS ROG STRIX RX570 OC EDITION 4G HDD : Seagate 2TB ST2000DM006...
  40. N

    Cpu is not working

    While turning on the cpu the fans are running but the system doesn't start.