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    [SOLVED] Help with a streaming build and recommend something more realistic please!

    I am a Twitch streamer looking to go full-time and to create clips, highlights, tutorials and more for other sites like YouTube. Below is a link to my current computer I stream with at 720p and play with at 824p (Weird resolution because my TV goes to 1080p but only display's 1536x864...
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    Pc shuts down randomly due to RAM incompatibility

    hey guys I'm having this problem with my pc since I built it when it shuts down randomly and I can start unless I cut the power off completely then turn it on and start the pc. I think the problem is with the rams since I bought ones that arent compatible which I didnt know before I bought...
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    Best Water Cooling Loop For My Case

    Hey guys, So I recently bought an EVGA 1080ti FE and am looking to watercool it. Problem is I don't have a loop and I have no experience with loops (currently on my first build). I've been using an nzxt kraken x61 280mm on my cpu which BARLEY fits in the case , I'm talking centimeters and...
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    My Ethernet cable isn't being detected, need help

    I've done almost everything I could do. I've reset my router, unplugged my Ethernet cable, reinstalled drivers, and nothing. I don't know what else there is to do. The driver is realtek pcie gbe family controller. Any help is appreciated.
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    Dowload Corrupting after stucking at the Finish for a while

    Hey guys. I got some Problems with my PC: Every time i dowload a Programm it takes long to dowload the last 1-2% and after its finished its says that the files are corrupted (90% of all downloads). I think the Problem is CPU related, because i RMA´d the Mainboard and upgraded my OS to Win 8.1...
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    Mobo And PSU Compatibility

    Hi guys, I just bought a mobo and PSU that PCPartPicker said was compatible.. however when I look at the mobo showing me power connectors I do not see the compatibility for everything. I am sure I am just over-reacting but I thought i'd ask the community. Here are the links to them: MOBO...
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    Hack to run Group Policy Editor in Windows 8 Home edition.

    I have seen numerous instructions on how to run the Group Policy Editor under Windows 8, including one on Toms Hardware site "How Do I Enable the Group Policy Editor in Windows 8?" They all involve either...