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  1. S

    Question Issues with the network drivers on ASRock RomeD8-2T\BCM ?

    Hey there, I setup my new bare metal for a server. Hardware: Mainboard ASRock Romed8-2T\BCM AMD Epyc 7282 CPU 64GB RAM The first “thing” was the front panel header…who ever came on the idea of using angleded pins? In 99,99% there is the enclosure…okay…other point. I installed WIN Server 2019...
  2. Question LAN speed issue

    Hello, I have CAT6 cables installed at my place and distance between 2 PCs is hardly 20 feet and Broadcom Netlink Ethernet driver which shows 1 Gbps in Ethernet Status. Whenever I try to copy a file from my server via a shared folder to a PC the speed is hardly 12Mbps. But as it turns out my...
  3. R

    Question bluetooth device not auto connecting

    bluetooth devices are not auto connecting after laptop shutdown , and in every sutdown it unpair and I have to pair it again with the computer every boot . It only auto connects when I have my computer turn on , then I can even turn off bluthoot and turn on again it will auto connect fine ...
  4. [SOLVED] Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping

    Hello, I have a problem with my laptop Wi-Fi connection (Lenovo G510, windows 10, Broadcom 802.11n), it has started around two months ago. The signal is weak, keeps connecting and disconnecting, or the connection becomes just too slow, although all the devices around get a good signal with good...
  5. Harankish

    [SOLVED] Wi-Fi works fine except for PC

    Hello, I have an ASUS X550Z tha uses Windows 10 Pro and the Broadcom 802.11n Network adapter, driver version 7.35.340.0 (the newest one as far as I know). I have been using this PC for nearly a year and since the day I bought it it randomly disconnects, or doesn't have access to the internet...
  6. T

    Question LAN not working after shutdown

    I have a local network - win 10 pc, win7pc, modem/router, Ethernet cables. Was working properly - eg I have Lightroom on the win10 pc, and the image drive on the win7 pc. No problems. An electrical storm was forecast so I turned everything off and disconnected the Comms cable from modem. Later...
  7. N

    csgo low fps

    pls help me i had 500 fps a week ago
  8. Supahawk01

    Transmission Coolent Line leak at radiator.

    Just as the title says, I have located a leak at the point where the transmission line connects to the radiator. It only leaks while the engine is running (or shortly after it is turned off) so im assuming is pressure based. Its not spewing about like a hose, but it does seem to have a steady...
  9. B

    which one is better laptop quad core or desktop computer i5 core

    hello i have samsung laptop quad core processor up to 1.44GHZ installed ram 4 GB. now i am planning to buy desktop computer İNTEL İ5 (Turbo 3.07Ghz ) 4GB Ram 320GB HDD can u pls advice me is it faster then my previous laptop or it has same performance?
  10. B

    looking at a printer

    hp color laser jet pro m180nw iireless multifunction printer found this printer on sale for 100.00$ it has 600x600 dp. would like to atleast have a printer that could print a decient pic if needed.not knoeing much about this stuff could someone please let me know or guide me down the...
  11. Yudhbir Singh

    XMP Profile Doesn't set RAM over 2133mhz

    I've ordered Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz 2x8gb and set the profiles in the BIOS. Setting the XMP profile had no effect, and I even updated the BIOS, which needed one. Still no different results even though the profile automatically set itself to 3200. Motherboard is an Asus Prime Z370.
  12. stenreisel12

    Should i upgrade my PSU? Specs inside

    Hey i recently just put togheter my PC (1 month ago) and now im slowly upgrading stuff like case fans,ssd and memory My specs Mobo:Asrock z370m pro4 CPU:I3-8100 3.6ghz CPU COOLER:Hyper 212 LED Turbo GPU:Asus ROG STRIX 1050Ti 4GB SSD:WD Green 240GB (Added this today) HDD:Barracuda 1TB Ram:HyperX...
  13. A

    PC crashing even after repair shop found nothing wrong

    For a while now my PC would freeze randomly during gaming, and even while internet browsing or idle. The screen would lock up, no audio out, no possible input. The only thing to do was reset with the power button. I checked everything myself by swapping components with a friend, I ran stress...
  14. onii_chan

    looking for a cheap b350 board

    I need to find a b350 mobo to overclock my ryzen 3 1200. Im not sure which one to buy. It should be cheap and should have at least 3 fan headers. Any suggestions?
  15. pearsondka

    What should I upgrade on my PC? (Getting ready for the boxing day sales!)

    As the title states, I've had this setup for over a year now and haven't gotten to chance to really enjoy it (Budget gaming) as I was in school, but since I'm now done and going to be working full time, I'm actually hoping to get back into PC gaming and maybe some video editing. It may seem a...
  16. G

    Computer lag is unbearable please help me.

    My computer has been lagging and I can't stand it. It won't let me do anything. I play games and when I do or even go onto Word it will lag. I'm updated all the on the latest windows. I try typing something it will lag for about 5 seconds. Please help guys. Any information needed I will try...
  17. Z

    New WiFi Hub?

    Hello My family and I are using the bt home hub 5 with some bt package (maybe infinity but I'm not sure) and it seems to have spurs of doing absolutely awfully where it will suddenly go super slowly, it sometimes goes over 3000ms ping in games such as overwatch and I'm not exaggerating it's...
  18. D

    BenQ water spill

    Hello, my father opened bottle of water and it blew up or something.. the water itself was in centre but really small of it was at the bottom, I unplugged removed it , turn off monitor and pc and unplug it and let it be some time on fan ( ventilate it ) what else can I do? I'm really scared and...
  19. M

    Laptop fan doesn't spin fast enough to cool down the CPU.

    Hi guys, I'm new here. So a month ago I bought a new laptop, and since the first day I had this problem. I can do tasks like browsing the internet and run multiple programs at the same time without having to care so much about the temperature. But when it comes to gaming (that's the purpose of...
  20. _ryoma

    Cannot disable Data Execution Prevention; no Secure Boot option in UEFI/BIOS.

    Hello, Please read the whole thing, i'll get to the point eventually I had this problem with CS:GO not opening at all. I bough the game on Steam, it worked fine, but about 2 months ago the game just wouldn't launch. I searched countless of posts trying the figure out whats preventing CS:GO...
  21. Y

    Gaming Monitor Recommendations

    Hello, I'm after a good gaming monitor to go with my recently bought PC. I'm looking for 1440p, 144hz and g-sync. Preferably with a thin bezel and IPS but I don't mind TN. My price range is £400-£600 maybe a push to £700.
  22. X

    Gaming PC build not starting after working fine for a month

    I built a gaming PC last month. Here are the specs: - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 - MSI B350 PC MATE - Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB DDR4-3000 - Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500GB - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 6GB - NZXT S340 Elite - EVGA SuperNOVA G2 650W 80+ Gold Certified PSU Most of the time it's worked fine, with...
  23. C

    help 100% disk usage problem, win10 - common causes?

    does anyone know the best way to solve this type of problem? or how to diagnose this problem? or the most common reasons for why it happens? * happens on startup and just randomly from time to time * solves by itself randomly * the performance mointer thingy shows it's not any of programs cos...
  24. W

    Will a superclocked GPU fry my locked CPU?

    So basically I found a GPU that has a base clock rate of over 1600mhz in comparison to most other GPUs of the same type having a base clock of 1500mhz. I don't intend to overclock my GPU since my CPU is locked and I don't want to fry it, but will a faster base clock have the same effect as...
  25. S

    Upgrading my build - looking for assistance

    So as of now I have a i7-3770k paired with 16gb ddr3 at 1333 mhz with a gtx 1060. I plan on playing 1080p at 144hz or 120hz on games such as WoW, Overwatch, csgo. I'm trying to debate between getting an i7-7700k, or the ryzen 1700. Everywhere I look I get mixed results. Thanks for your help.
  26. Q

    First builder, help!

    Hello, I finally got some money to buy the components, but I have some questions.. this is my build, I already own the greens from my old pc: G4560 RX 470 4GB B250 motherboard 2x4gb 2666 ram cl13 (they are the cheapest) 1 TB barracuda Seasonic Eco 430w Antec VSK3000B case So my question is: 1...
  27. A

    I am building a pc with the case Corsair obsidian 550d and it wanted to know if these parts are compatible.

    Its my first time and it want to know if these parts are compatible withe the case and what mother boad I should get can u guys help me out
  28. C

    Wich Z270 Should i get?

    Hello, im gonna get a 7700K with a 1080Ti and the only doubt i have right now is the motherboard, mostly coz most of them have a promotion wich will ends tomorrow (day 31) these are my options, i accept recomendations and opinions in wich i should get. AsRock Z270 EXTREME4 - 171€ to be honest...
  29. S

    Does this work?

    So im getting a new motherboard and mostly getting new parts for my pc. I am wanting to get the Asus Atx DDR3 z97-a and I wanted to know if these parts will work. I am wanting to take some components from my computer now which is a Dell Inspiron 660s. Case: Corsair Carbide Spec-01 Motherboard...
  30. O

    Is this Motherboard compatable with this Ram

    Hi All I wanted a certain Motherboard But it was not available and not for quite a few days So I went for the following one a GA-Z97P-D3 Now I have already got a 32Gb kit of Kingstone Hyper-X Savage Ram. Now Iv tried to find out if the ram is OK for this MoBo but all I can find is that...
  31. W

    Wondering how I can limit Netflix bandwidth on home network

    Hey guys, i'm sure this question has been asked a million times, but when googling i can never fully make sense of the answers as i am not very savy on networks/internet connections. also people seem to have different opinions and solutions on basically every site ive checked. Anyway, my...
  32. C

    would it work?

    Would these components work together? Processor: AMD FX-6300, 3.50GHz, 6MB, AM3+, 32nm, 95W, BOX Motherboard: ASUS M5A78L-M PLUS RAM: DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury Red 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz CL10 1.5V Video card: MSI Radeon RX 460 4G GDDR5 1210 MHz/7000 MHz DisplayPort Storage: Internal HDD Seagate...
  33. M

    No display is showing despite computer turning on OK

    Hello here is the PC I built. Mobo:Gigabyte Z97P-D3 Intel LGA1150 CPU:Intel Core i5 i5-4690K GPU: Gtx 970 Memory:Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B Vengeance 8GB Everything powers up and I am sure everything has been connected fine but no signal is being sent to the Monitor. I have tried graphics card...
  34. C

    corsair watercooler h75 pump speed question

    Quick question: I plugged the pump header into Cpu_fan1 -- should speed setting be at 100% for this? The radiator fans are all controlled via a fan curve.
  35. S

    Resetting the BIOS

    I have a Dell Latitude 3340. Recently my fan stopped working and now whenever I play high perfomance game like csgo, the laptop shuts down and when I restart it a message shows PC shut down due overheating I have been looking for help and recently found that resetting the BIOS would make the...
  36. N

    CPU overclock : Max safe temp or Max safe voltage ?

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of overclocking my i5-6600k. I have read a lot about overclocking skylake processors and the max vcore I see is between 1.35v and 1.45v. My question is : If my temperature are fine on a stress test with 1.45v with a Noctua Nh-D15, is 1.45v ok ? Thanks !
  37. G

    Choosing Memory Timing

    Could someone explain memory timing and what to look for? I've seen Timing 16-16-16-36 on one module I was looking at and 16-18-18-38 on another. Both are buy the same company and on the approved memory list. Thanks!
  38. R

    Asus Xonar DG

    I am about to purchase the Asus Xonar DG sound card which has the optical out port. I have Sony Home Theatre System with Optical In.... I have bluray movies with Dolby and DTS sound in my PC. If I connect this sound card to my PC and play those movies ..will I be able to get the Dolby 5.1 or DTS...
  39. E

    Fps difference between 6-pin and 8-pin

    Hello! I was wondering, is there any fps difference between gtx 960 with 6-pin connector and gtx 960 with 8-pin connector. Gtx 960 requires 120-130w but 6-pin can only transfer 75w. Is that 6-pin can transfer only 75w even true. But i have gtx 960 with 6-pin connector and getting lower fps than...
  40. B

    i7-6500U vs I5 6200U

    Hey guys, I am planning on buying a new laptop soon and i wanted to know, is there an actual benefit to buying an I7 instead of an I5 when it comes to their laptop addition? I will be using it for studying(university), coding, browsing the web and the like, no gaming in sight for the laptop