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  1. Jgargo2L

    Question Upgrade a laptops graphics card or CPU?

    I've got a Dell Precision 5520 Laptop that keeps on shutting down when I'm rendering 3D objects in sketchup with VRay. I'm an architecture student in his senior year so I'd like this computer to last a little while longer before having to completely replace it. I'm a very mechanical guy, I've...
  2. Question Problem with the memory controller in the CPU?

    Hello, one day I understand more than 8 GB of RAM to upgrade and when it is placed on my 16 GB aware PC or POST, an 8 GB aware BIOS, or 16 but 8 GB hardware reserved window recognition and a 16 GB dual channel CPU-Z, something is related to the case where you turn on some of the memories in the...
  3. D

    Question Lenovo laptop goes to sleep I think whenever the screen is tilted backwards

    My Lenovo laptop randomly goes to sleep whenever the screen is tilted backwards howcome.
  4. L

    Question Unknown part fell off GPU

    So I was installing an NZXT G12 onto my Titan X Maxwell and this unknown piece popped of the card, card still works but I would like to know when this piece is for. Any info helps. I will add a link to the IMGUR with the picture of the piece. Thanks. Picture of part
  5. C

    Question Desktop refuses to turn on

    Hi I'm currently helping a mate fix his desktop however no matter what we have tried it doesn't work, The problem first started when the computer overheated, my mate gave me a call and I went to have a look, after it was completely cooled down I pressed the power button and it lit up, however...
  6. D

    1 mic 2 destinations

    I have 1 microphone 3.5mm 2 bands on the jack and i need to split this to go to 2 different destinations. Is there a product for this? Could someone send me an amazon link or something? I have been searching for hours!
  7. B

    password reset doesn't send to yahoo email

    as title says, works with gmail and etc but i cant get a password reset on my yahoo account. how 2 fix?
  8. K

    Looking for replacement for AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

    I'm looking for replacement for my graphic card that has died, AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, I believe it's an 240 or 250 with 2 GB memory. It's exactly looks like this: I'm planning to buy the same model for replacement, but before...
  9. C

    Planning on a new Rig [ Editing and Gaming ]

    I only need smps, processor, GPU, motherboard and RAM. This is what one of my friend suggested: Corsair vs550 smps AMD FX series 8370 4.0 ghz Asus Dual fan RX 480 4GB OC edition MSI 970 gaming motherboard kingston fury 8gb x 2 My budget is 50000 INR [ Indian Currency ] should i opt for an...
  10. H

    Airport Extreme | OpenReach Model Query

    Hi All, I currently have Sky fiber in the UK using the following setup - whereby my Sky Fiber credentials are stored in my airport extreme. Current Setup My question is - could I potentially remove the openreach modem and have my airport extreme wired directly into the wall? Would this...
  11. D

    Different RAM kit compatibility

    So currently I have 8gb (2x4gb) of Kingston HyperX white 1600Mhz RAM. I plan to upgrade to 16gb in the near future. So I was browsing on amazon for the same type of ram, which I found. I could buy one 4gb stick for 28$, or a 2x4gb for 73$. If I buy two 4gb sticks individually, or buy the...
  12. T

    Would a GTX 1060 bottleneck my system? What should I upgrade then?

    Hey guys, Here's my system: AMD A10-7800 factory clocked ASUS A58M-A 8GB DDR3 RAM 120GB SSD GTX 750 Ti OC I was thinking of getting a GTX 1060 6GB, would that bottleneck my system? Or would you recomend some other upgrade to get better frame rates and be able to handle the new gen games...
  13. D

    Dell Optiplex 3020

    Can you install xp on to a dell optiplex 3020 using a new or clean hard drive we have a installation disk and a product key
  14. P

    Monitor Selection Idea's

    Whilst building a mega gtx 1070 core i7 computer is fun. It's no use if you can't have a good monitor to enjoy it. I'm building a system with similar spec (above), and would like suggestions for a monitor. Requirements 24"+ (+ meaning a 24" minimum) 4k +100hz refresh rate 10ms or less...
  15. B

    D-Link USB Hub Working but Makes Disconnect/ Connect Sounds

    My USB hub seems to be working fine but makes the 'device disconnected' sound followed directly by 'device connected' sound. This happens ad nauseam. What's up? Currently I have just disabled these sounds :P Link to my device...
  16. gumbob3

    For a Micro ATX Build - Mid-Tower Case or Mini Case?

    Here is the build I am thinking about doing. Mid-Tower Case or a Mini Case? PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD A10-7870K 3.9GHz Quad-Core Processor ($130.74 @ Amazon) Motherboard: Asus A88XM-A Micro ATX FM2+ Motherboard ($70.94 @ Mac Mall) Memory: Crucial...
  17. T

    Is 144hz at 1920x 1080 possible?

    Sorry for the potentially very nooby question, but I keep seeing online that a dvi dual link cable supports 144hz at 1080p. does this mean that i'll have to lower my in game resolution to 1080 instead of 1920 to benefit from having a 144hz monitor? i'm planning on buying the BenQ XL2411Z if it...
  18. R

    r9 290 vs r9 280x!

    Hey guys I want to get a new graphics card, and I can't decide between the r9 290 vs r9 280x. I have these 3 cards to choose from : r9 280x : r9 290...
  19. J

    Gtx 960 SLI question

    Hi, I am new at the world of the pc gamin, Im the owner of a gtx 960, its of 2 gb of ddr5 ram, and on amazon I saw a gtx 960 with 4 gb of ddr5 ram, my question is: Can I SLI my 960 with the 960 of 4 gb from EVGA?
  20. B

    Need Help installing new SSD correctly??

    My new 850 EVO SSD just arrived, and I'm super excited. I want to install it as soon as I can, I'm just not sure how to go about it. I know there are lots of guides and step by step tutorials out there, but I can never seem to be sure of myself. I currently have Windows 8.1 installed on a 1TB WD...