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  1. ChillAxis

    [SOLVED] EVGA 970 won't boot normally ?

    Starting off, I've posted about this before but new problems have arisen. the card was purchased as broken ( ), but I believed...
  2. CAF-Arie

    Question Broke RTX 2080? after installing waterblock

    So I decided to do a custom watecooling loop and I installed a barrow GPU waterblock to my Dual asus rtx 2080. After completing my build, everything was fine for a few weeks. suddenly, I tried turning on my pc and booting into windows but then it lost connection from my monitor and displays “no...
  3. E

    Question GPU tripps PSU only when plugged in.

    I recently bought a broken gpu for parts but I thought that I might try and fix it. When plugged in with all power connectors, the psu makes a click sound and shuts everything off until restart. It is not the psu as I have the exact same card that I use in a daily basis in the same pc. When I...
  4. C

    new build well rebuild

    upgrading current system a old 4670k re using current psu sdd/hdd and accessorys and getting the following items just getting a once over to make sure there no problems with them parts