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    Question Samsung Monitor displays only white, even with no input.

    Hello Tom's Hardware, A year ago I bought the Samsung u28e590d monitor as it was a cheap 4k monitor. It worked fine for the better part of a year until one day it only displayed white. Now whenever I boot it up it only displays a white screen, not even the menu appears. I have taken apart...
  2. [SOLVED] Monitor broke but screen not cracked

    So my monitor fell forward onto the top of a pop can. When on... you can see the results below. However, when feeling with my finger, there are no cracks; Confirmed visually when the monitor is off. Here is the monitor I bought.. about 18 months ago...
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    If I am using an AMD FX-8320, would an r9 270x or a 760 be better?

    Does having both an amd cpu and gpu make for better performance.