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  1. G

    [SOLVED] Kernel Inpage and Memory Management BSOD caused by ntoskrnl.exe

    Hi, i built a new pc and i am getting bsods at random times while gaming or browsing. I reset bios to default values (in case memory timings or frequency is causing the problem) but still the bsods persist. I cheched ssd with crystaldiskinfo but it shows no errors and sfc /scannow checks valid...
  2. Pikolo19

    [SOLVED] Can you run intel turbo boost on a H type motherboard? I get BSOD/freeze whenever i enable turbo boost on my h310m h

    Hello, i have a Gigabyte H310m H motherboard with a i7-9700k cpu and every time i try to enable intel turbo boost, my pc freezes and i get BSOD. I analyzed the minidump files and it said something about Genuine Intel Unkown Error 124 or something like that. The BSOD error code was...
  3. N

    AMD Catalyst 14.4 does not install

    OK I'm pretty new here and I seem to have a major problem. I wanted to update my driver for my AMD Radeon 7570 graphics card to 14.4 because Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstein N.O were crashing a lot. So I first tried to install the driver right on top of the old one, not knowing that you had to...