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  1. R

    Question Random BSODs ntoskrnl.exe, more frequent on startup and during heavy usage like gaming ?

    Hi, I have been facing this issue since past 10 months on my Asus TUF A15 2021- FA506IC Laptop. Specs: Ryzen 7 4800H RTX 3050 16GB RAM WD SN570 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD What I did: Clean installed Windows (three times) Updated all the drivers Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic and MemTest- Result: All...
  2. V

    Question Need help choosing new motherboard that will be compatible with my system

    So, about a month ago I built a new PC. It worked fine for about a week (although I had accidentally placed a cpu fan the wrong way round, causing the pc to run at extremely high temps for about 3 days straight). After about a week, one day I turned the pc on and it would load into windows and...
  3. Tatolg4

    Question Can't connect to internet since getting a BSOD ?

    My pc blue screened today while I was transfering files between drives and since then i cant connect to the internet with an ethernet cable. Could this mean my port is broken?
  4. P

    Question BSODs/black screen with CPU EZ DEBUG LED lit on motherboard ?

    My pc specs: GPU: 3060 Ti CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x MOBO: Tomahawk b450 max RAM: Vengeance 8x2 ram PSU:EVGA 700 BR, 80+ Bronze 700W My computer was working fine until I attempted to overclock my CPUand ram after finding out they could both be overclocked. I started getting blue screens of...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] How to stop bsod errors please help me 😭😭

    Please can anyone help me i getting bsod errors after changing my cpu, previously I have a Pentium g40t which is running fine but slow I decided to buy i7 3770 for my zebronics h61 1155 motherboard after installing i7 3770 I'm getting every bsod error on launching a game or using chrome...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Driver power state failure

    Hi All! I have installed Windows 11 on my computer a month ago and ever since installing the drivers I have noticed that whenever I turn on my computer, It boots up fine and stays normal. But after 30-60 seconds it freezes for 1 second and shows the blue screen with the code...
  7. cjwolls

    [SOLVED] XMP BSOD? Crash after seemingly normal operation.

    A link to my previous thread can be found here. To keep thing short, I clean installed OS to fix what I assumed was a bad install. Things seem to be going normally for a bit, then I crashed. I then created my previous thread. I was advised to update bios, and disable XMP. I did both of those...
  8. I

    Question Random event viever disk 153 error

    Lately when downloading something on my drive a disk 153 error happens and lags/bsod's my pc. there are also many other errors i see like: "iaStorE 4155", "BugCheck 1001" or "ntfs 130". It's getting really annoying as my pc has bsod'ed 4 times today and i have no idea how to fix this. Does...
  9. lleans

    Question My cpu clocked down under base clock

    I know you guys think this is dumb question, but hear my story first. . . Yesterday i replaced my thermal paste on my laptop, then tries booting my laptop, it won't, i think it's memory problem b'cause everytime i replacing my thermal paste thus thing happens, after i leave my memory for an...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] BSOD problem

    Hello everyone. I have been having this BSOD problem for a while now and so I thought that you guys could help. I've also just reset my PC thinking that it would help with my problem but it didn't. My minidump will be linked below. Any help given will be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance...
  11. W

    [SOLVED] What is going on with my system and ram

    My system is constantly going bluescreen of death, every couple of minutes pc freezes or goes BSOD. My RAM speed is 2400mhz but when it is set in bios option DRAM - Auto it will cause even more unstability, when i change ram speed to DRAM - 2144 (2144mhz) it works better, it sometimes can be...
  12. OctanGaming234

    [SOLVED] Memory Management Error BSOD

    Hi all, I have made a new build a couple of weeks ago, And I have been having this weird bsod "memory management". I suspect there is something wrong with the RAM, even though MemTestx86 has passed without error. I have tried to run Ubuntu 18.04 as well, But there are no issues, no crashes...
  13. Gustav.Miedema

    [SOLVED] Searching for help with BSOD: Kernel Mode Heap Corruption

    I'm getting this BSOD error on my new PC. I build it this week, but every time I try to start it up in blues screens in 10s - 5 min (even did it during the windows set-up (when creating a user and stuff)). I have not downloaded anything on this current pc, it has not even been connected to the...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] BSOD occurs, different errors each time.

    I have here, a friends high end gaming PC, couldn't tell you the specs on the spot. However, I can give you the dump files from the past 2 BSOD events, that happened today. If anyone can assist that would be greatly appreciated. We're all out of ideas. Check out the drop box link, they will...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] Blue Screens of Death when I try to launch random programs-

    My Computer: Proc: Intel I5 8400 MB: MSI Tomahawk Z370 RAM: 2x8 GB Ballistic Ellite Power Supply: EVGA BQ600W HDD: Samsung Evo Plus 970 and Kingston M.2. 120 GB Hi, i'm becoming crazy since two days ago. Everything started with random Destiny 2 freezes (No Blue screens of death, from now on...
  16. Fire099

    [SOLVED] I Tried Running Driver Verifier

    I ran DV because I kept getting the error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD occasionally. I ran DV and restarted my computer, of course it crashed but there was no BSOD and it just freezes. Right after Core Temp starts up. My secondary display (of two) then goes blank but doesn't say "No Signal", I...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Every game crashes or ends with BSOD

    Hi. Few months ago, I decided to build my ,,dream PC. But, since than, almost every time while playing games I get a BSOD or just a game crash. It doesn't depend on which game I am playing, it could be Minecraft, Fifa, PUBG, like anything.... Sometimes crash report displays, but sometimes game...
  18. Lucas Lovnander

    [SOLVED] 3 BSOD in under 2 days

    Out of nowhere I've gotten 3 BSOD in the past 2 days. They all have different error codes each time it happens and it happend while loading up a game or in a game and once it happened while just doing school work(Twice while playing/loading up Modern Warfare). I haven't done any overclocking in...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Newly built PC keeps getting bsods

    So I recently decided it was time to get an upgrade and since my old system had basically been maxed out, I would need to get a new board. I decided to go with AMD this time around, however when I completed the build and tried to play some games, I noticed my PC tends to crash randomly when I am...
  20. E

    Question Why I am getting BSOD with the message inaccessible boot device after updating display adapter?

    My laptop was working fine in general, no such problems occurred before but I formatted it today because I had tons of stuff that I needed to remove as my disk was all used up and I don't know where to start from so decided to format it, I used windows media creation tool and created a bootable...
  21. G

    Question After BSOD M.2 Shows undected untill a couple of restarts.

    So I've been having this problem for a while. At completely random times, browsing the internet, playing games or idle my PC just decides to crash. BSOD has shown 3 error codes so far: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION, CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. I had task manager open while one of the...
  22. A

    Question Windows 10 freezes/blue screens after playing minecraft.

    I have just got a new PC, and installed minecraft (I pirated it, so please don`t go on the topic of pirating). The Computer is pretty much able to run Minecraft without problems, the game is installed on the same SSD where the OS is installed, not giving options to install it elsewhere. First...
  23. G

    Question System_thread_Exception_not_handled BSOD

    Hi! I am suddenly getting bsod, 1 per 24h mostly when gaming. And when it crashes it also has different bsod codes like SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION and PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA but System_thread_Exception_not_handled is the most occurring BSOD
  24. C

    Question Constant bsod after mobo and cpu change

    Earlier today I switched out my old 6600k and z170 mobo for a 3700x and tuf x570 gaming. And like the idiot I am I forgot to remove the old drivers. Sometimes it will boot but then bsod after a few seconds to a few minutes after logging into windows and sometimes it just won't boot at all. The...
  25. D

    Question BSOD (not sure if hardware or software)

    Hey, so I was recently having problems with BSOD. I reinstalled Windows and thought everything is fine (Didn't have any problems yday) Today I got BSOD again (Memory Management) and the second one few minutes after i launched windows again (System_Service_Exception failed: FLTMGR.SYS) Any idea...