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  1. L

    Question My PC seems to cause my router to reset when im doing things on it ?

    So i have been having an internet problem that seems to be linked to my PC. Its been going on for a bout 10 weeks now and im going to start from the beginning so i can get as much information across as possible so hopefully some of you geniuses can help me. I moved into my new house and got BT...
  2. Z

    [SOLVED] Is it worth using the BT HomeHub 5 as my modem?

    I'm struggling a little bit to find a highly recommended ADSL modem (that works in the UK with BT) to go with the new expensive router I'm buying, so I was wondering whether the BT HomeHub 5 can serve as a good modem? I've read that a lot of people just switch off the WiFi on the HomeHub and use...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Devices new to the network can't connect to most sites (I think)

    Basically, I upgraded 3 out of 4 machines to windows 10 from Windows 7 in a friend's workplace. After doing so, I realized pretty quickly that none of the upgraded machines can access most sites. Google is fine mostly, but sites like Firefox's page, bit defender and any forums are...
  4. Jerryvang1

    Question Computer doesn't work anymore

    So I decided to finally upgrade my computer from an AMD FX6300 to Intel i7-6700K. My friend upgraded his computer recently and gave me his unwanted parts, an I7-6700K CPU and an Asus Z170-e motherboard. I bought new 16GB RAM(2 x 8GB sticks) a new heat sink, Corsair H60 and installed all these...
  5. packersfan036

    Question question about my new asus strix scar 2 laptop power mode

    my new asus strix scar 2 gaming laptop keeps switching to high performance mode even after I switch it to balanced. please help. seems to happen when I restart the laptop.
  6. L

    [SOLVED] cpu liquid cooling

    I am looking to buy a new computer from CyberPower and i don't know a lot about liquid cooling so my question is if i am only using liquid cooling for my cpu, do i need to worry about the case supporting a liquid cooling size?
  7. W

    Question is my ssd about to die

    woke up today to both of these saying it was bad.crystaldisk says 1 percent left and bad and then intel rapid storage tech says its at risk.should i start looking at buying a replacement? heres the model of the drive it that helps any ts128gssd320 View:
  8. S

    [SOLVED] H115i Platinum Radiator Fan Spinning after shutdown

    Hi Guys, would just want to check if this behavior is normal. I have connected the sata power connector to the radiator pump. When I switch off my pc, the radiator fan lights go from RGB > Red color but continue spinning. Is this normal? Do i have to switch of the PSU power each time I power off...
  9. D

    Asrock Fatal1ty H370 Performance front headphones sound ussue

    Hello everyone! Bought a new mobo and got a problem! Codec - ALC1220, jumps the volume on the front headphone jack, hisses at high volume and clicks when rewinding video or music. All realtek drivers do not work, one way out is the use built-in windows 10 drivers , but in this case I cant...
  10. C

    PC won't boot from ssd

    Hi I have recently installed a 1tb SSD and cloned my 1tb HDD to it, however the pc won't boot from the SSD even though it recognises it in BIOS and it is top priority. When I disconnect the HDD i get a failure to boot! Also no matter what I do the pc continues to load games from the HDD even...
  11. J

    HELP! My computer has strange DNS problems.

    My Ethernet-connected desktop can resolve only about 30% of the sites that I try to visit. The problem is just with my desktop computer. I don't have any problems If I plug the desktop's Cat-5 cable into my laptop, so it is not a problem with my ISP (AT&T U-verse). My desktop is running Win 10...
  12. T

    Witch RTX 2080 To Buy ?

    Hello Guys. What version of RTX 2080 should I buy ? or is there a benchmark for it ?
  13. R

    My laptop any good for GTA 5?

    My laptop Lenovo Intel i3 core and Intel HD graphics 5500 Can Play GTA 5?
  14. P

    Need help fixing sound problem..

    Someone who can help me fix a problem where my game sound comes thru my speakers and spotify thru headset. I am only connected to the headset and when i try to unplug the speakers there is no game sound at all
  15. K

    new build won't boot

    Hi, I'm helping my friend build his PC, we installed all the components today however it gets stuck saying to insert boot media and press a key to continue. I've unplugged everything unessential so we have connected currently: ■ MSI Z370 Gaming Pro carbon motherboard ■ i7 8700k CPU ■ 1 stick...
  16. S

    NVMe SSD not detected - assistance welcome

    Bought a new NVMe SSD (960 Evo) Samsung 500GB. I have a MSI A320 Gaming Pro Motherboard with the latest bios installed. The drive will not be detected in bios or windows. If I put only the NVme drive or my usual SSD and the NVme drive it at the same time well neither situation allows detection...
  17. A

    Look for Amd Ryzen 5 2600 Pc Build under 60k

    Please suggest me Amd Ryzen 5 2600 Pc Build under 60k in which i can play high end games and also make my videos rendering fast.
  18. P

    Samsung S7 Not Recognized by Win10

    I hope this is the right forum section for this issue. My Samsung S7 is full of photos and video, and I want to transfer them to my PC to free up space. When I connect via USB, the phone charges, I can switch modes between files/photos/etc. on the phone itself, but Windows is saying "Unknown...
  19. J

    wifi repeater high gain

    Hi, basically I travel a lot and often without access to mains electricity. I have a high gain antenna and a usb dongle for a netbook that often works quite well. But now I need to connect multiple devices via wifi often with no mains power. The setup I need is basically a 5v usb powered wifi...
  20. S

    new ram stick not wokring

    ga-MA78GM-S2H is my mobo and that should support max 16gb. I had 2 sticks of 4gb and then I installed another 2 and diagnosed that it wouldn't work with one for of the sticks but system okay with 12gb and 1 free slot , I tried another stick I knew to be working and the same issue, it wont boot...
  21. 0

    Can I change my intel 620 graphic card

    Hey everybody I got a laptop with Intel Core i5-7200U 2.50GHz 8GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 620. Does anybody know if I can change the graphics card and upgrade to a better one or not? Same with the processor. Thanks
  22. O

    What should I upagrade and suggestions

    Hello guys , this is my setup , i am looking for an upgrade but i don't know what should help and make my pc run faster.I am hoping to stream also and looking for an upgrade that can handle streams and working on dual monitors.Thanks in advance ! 1)CPU INTEL CORE I5-4690 3.50GHZ LGA1150 - BOX...
  23. J

    RV Park WiFi

    The RV Park has free WiFi, but a very weak signal. Can I look an outdoor antenna to a route?
  24. Tanyac

    Copying B-->A Kills Internet and network but A-->B does not

    A=My PC (Windows 10 1703) B=Server (Windows Server 2012 R2) If I copy a large file from A to B there is little to no demonstrable impact on the network or the internet. If I copy a file from the B to A it kills the internet (Which is NBN FTTP 100Mbps down, 40 Mbps up). All transfers, gaming...
  25. S

    Moto Racer 2-GOG can't steer [SOLVED]

    I have Windows 10 x64 and i can't steer in this game. Is this because Xbox 360/Xbox One and Sony PS3 Controller?
  26. P

    is my pc trashed?

    my old pc got struck by a lighting but i can still turn it on,but it has no display. i do hear sound, but not the sounds i heard before it got struck, if only the gpu is dead then should i upgrade it? its got a lga 775 mobo i want to get a modded xeon and a radeon hd 7850 and get more ram.the...
  27. B

    Toshiba satellite C655-S5504

    Just stopped working. I was using it, sat it down to mop up melted snow, came back to it and the screen was black, the power light blinks orange 5 times and that's it. New battery as of this past spring. I've taken the battery out, tried using charger cord only, and still nothing. With the...
  28. R

    New €2500+ Gaming PC Future Proof/2K/Ultra,60+fps/OC

    Hello!, I'm about to spend $2500ish on a rig, and I need help checking if everything is ok or If I need to replace any part for the sake of better/faster performance? - I already own a Graphics Card : EVGA GTX 1070. The purpose of this PC will be playing any game but mostly MMO's , crowded...
  29. gladosportal21

    Repleacing keycaps on a mechanical keyboard

    I've been looking into the E-Element Z-88 keyboard, but because my main language is different, I wondered if I could repleace the caps to a set which includes the special characters. My question is if it is even possible, and if yes what kind of keycaps should I look for? (I'd like to buy the...
  30. verynice

    Black Screen of Death After 20 minutes After Update/ Reset

    After an update started automatically downloading (thanks Microsoft) without any indication, it took place when I was upgrading my router. Because of this, the update never finished. No problem, I'll just start in safe mode and install it from there, right? That would be what I would've done...
  31. F

    how to delete old yahoo emails from trash can on acer iconia

    cant empty trash can except do individual emails. over 1200 need gone
  32. F

    Gaming Laptop performance drop when connected over HDMI

    Hi guys. I own a gaming capable Laptop (GTX 1050ti, i7 7700HQ, 16 GB Ram) but I'm having issues whenever I try to connect it to my TV to play on the big screen. It basically comes down to big performance drops. Games that normally run at 60fps and drop to 50-55FPs during taxing scenes are now...
  33. D

    Syncing thermaltake riing 12 RGB

    I bought 2 thermaltake riing 12 rgb 3 pack and one single. So I have now 3 controllers. The controllers have slots for pins. 3 are for fans. 1 for connection to the mobo. And 1 for connection to controller to controller. What kind of cable should I buy to connect those controllers? And...
  34. H

    amd cpu upgrade

    what is the right quad core to upgrade, replace amd 170u am3 socket
  35. S

    gtx 780 ti gigabyte 3gb power connectors

    Hi all I have a gtx 780 ti gigabyte graphics card I am not sure if it is the ghz one or just the oc but on the card it has 2 8 pin connectors but it does not have any sign of it being a ghz one but only the ghz one has the 2 8 pin connectors mine does not have a backplate or and writing of it...
  36. C

    Freesync issues on R9 280X

    I own a Club3D R9 280X Royalqueen gpu and I read on AMD's website that this card would support freesync for video playback and such, and I have a SAMSUNG C24F390 monitor hooked up to it (Mini DP to HDMI; Mini DP from R9 to HDMI in monitor) and the monitor has no DP connector but it supposedly...
  37. L

    Computer won’t start

    Hello, My computer has recently broke to the point where once it’s started, everything tries to boot but will turn off within a second. Then 10 seconds later it will try turn on again and vice versa. Any ideas what the issue(s) are?
  38. T

    Sound Not Working(and it's not the headphones)

    I hooked up a 2nd monitor to my computer and I then got on to play some games. There was no sound in any of the games I played. I took my brothers headphones to see if they worked, nothing. I don't know if it matters, but here is my system build. Also, I can hear sound on teamspeak so not sure...
  39. V

    Trying to overclock AMD R6 Graphics

    Hi I have a laptop which has an amd a10-7300 with the built in r6 graphics and I was wondering if I could overclock the graphics. Specs are: AMD A10-7300 APU AMD R6 Graphics 8 GB RAM
  40. P

    websites to check if pc parts are compatible

    If you know any other websites to check compatible pc parts i would love to hear them (except pcpartpicker)