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  1. B

    [SOLVED] Question about a graphics card

    I'm curious, what is the a card right now you could get for 200$, compared to one in 2019 you could get for 200$? I'm wondering how bad gpu prices have gotten.
  2. Aj06

    [SOLVED] i3 10100 Budget gaming - Mother board H410 or Not Need suggestions

    Hi all, I am looking to build a budget gaming pc. Should i go with H410 Mother board (or) Not. I wanted to understand why H410 was not suggested in many forums, I am going to use only one PCIe slot that's for Graphics card so that might not be a deal breaker for me. My requirements - 1080p 60...
  3. wannabgamer

    [SOLVED] hp compaq 8200 cmt pc budget gaming

    Hi, I want to make a budget gaming pc where I could have a playable experience in most modern games(30-60fps). I have an hp compaq 8200 elite cmt pc. My specs: UserBenchmarks: Game 12%, Desk 45%, Work 20% CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 - 61.2% GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 610 - 2% HDD: Seagate ST3320413CS...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Which GPU for budget gaming build?

    My budget is ~600 USD CPU- Ryzen 5 1600. $85 MOB- ASrock 450b mATX. $70 RAM- Corsair Veng. 2x8GB. $65 SSD- WesternDigital 500gb $65 PSU- 500w. $50 Case- thermaltake versa h15 $50 I want to game at ultra on a 2560x1080p monitor...
  5. Pods

    [SOLVED] RX 570 For $150 AUD [USED]

    Hi, I have recently been looking forward to upgrading my GPU from an old and stinky one [Radeon 6850]. Currently I have and i7 2600, 16GB ram. I have really dreamed of buying this GPU, it has been my wish to buy one of these since it comes at a good price and lacks a punch! I am looking for one...
  6. GoodBoy5110

    [SOLVED] Should I buy a ROG Strix 2 RX 570 4gb or a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 4gb

    I found two really cheap graphics Cards at a really legit computer store sale and wondering to buy a ROG Strix 2 RX 570 4gb Gaming OC or a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 4gb Gaming at the same price. Their price are at 100$
  7. E

    [SOLVED] Optiplex 7010/9010 Best Graphics Card with Stock PSU

    Hello, folks. I am considering purchasing a Optiplex 7010 MT with the i5 3570 to use for a budget gaming rig. I was wondering which graphics card would be the best choice. My criteria are: Has to work with the stock PSU/motherboard Under $100 new or used, but with a name brand, such as MSI (for...
  8. Question Which CPU should chose?

    So going to be making a PC to play Borderlands 3, Minecraft, and doing my homework. Got a pretty small budget. Looking at the Sapphire Nitro 590 graphics card so just need to decide on a processor now.
  9. RustyVaper

    Question ASUS GTX560 1GB vs MSI GTX650 OC 2GB

    I had to buy a GTX650OC 2GB on eBay as my 560 died and artifacted a lot. Is this an upgrade or an upgrade as I have seen some specs and realised my new card has only 1 6pin connecter where my old card had 2. Have I accidentally downgraded? If anyone could help by telling me what to choose as...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Which will give a greater fps increase? dGPU or another stick of RAM?

    I'm going to only be able to choose one for the moment, and cost effectiveness is really the goal here (in other words, I want the best bang for my buck). For RAM, i was thinking of returning the one I have so speed matching isn't an issue. I'm also open to going secondhand for a GPU. I'm using...
  11. S

    Windows 10 PC randomly freezing

    I built a new gaming PC yesterday and it just randomly crashes freezes on Windows 10. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 GT 710 1 GB ASUS PRIME B350M-K Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB VS550 Windows 10 pro I'll be upgrading to a 1070 soon as it is not available as of now. I was doubtful whether the GPU could...
  12. J

    Motherboard died doing upgrade?

    So yesterday i got a 1070 to upgrade, had lots of trouble getting it setup, basically my old card would freeze and stutter a lot so i went to upgrade, and i dont think my psu (TX750 corsair) was feeding enough power to fully power the card with drivers because without drivers it would run fine...
  13. S

    Screen too wide

    Hello everyone, I've been away from my computer for the last couple of months due to schooling and now I've logged back into it and now the screen is way too wide and I can't see some of the icons. I've already tried changing the resolution and restarting my PC none of those have helped, any ideas?
  14. S

    Too low fps

    I have an I5 6600, gtx 1070 and 8gb ram and i only get 150-200 fps in cs go in deathmatch with 20 players.Also in h1z1 im playing on low 1600x900, 1000 render distance and 100% render quality and i only get 50-110 fps in game. Is this a problem?Thanks
  15. L

    how do i locate a lost cursor on my laptop

    My cursor has disappeared, how do I locate it on my laptop
  16. J

    Limit internet bandwidth to windows users on a single desktop

    Hi, My home machine is a desktop with Windows 10, connected physically to a Dlink 2750U ADSL router+modem. On windows 10, I have created user accounts for my kids, so they can do their school projects, keeping myself as administrator. My internet connection is a limited, metered connection, so...
  17. V

    need advice on new monitor

    hi, im looking for some advice on buying a new monitor. looking for 32"-34". budget £600-£800ish. Gaming/movies and thinking of going curved? any expert advice out there? thanks in advance
  18. B

    How to install BIOS on a Dell PowerEdge sc1425 server?

    --Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section-- I got a Dell PowerEdge sc1425 second hand, and I want to use it to replace my Server which I run in the attic of my house ( my current server is just a normal desktop, not an actual rackmounted server ). But Im having trouble setting it up. When...
  19. K

    Is this a good budget pc? (600-800$)

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/qNzKwP is this a good build for the money? Do i need a cpu cooler if i dont plan on overclocking? And if im not over clocking what is a cheaper alternative? Thanks guys
  20. N

    Hello i need an advice

    My budged is 1000 euro (yes im from europe) and my current build is i5 2400, ati radeon hd 6850, 8giggs of ram and yea.. i want to buy a 144hz monitor + r9 390. I like Benq XL2730Z cus its 1440.. but i dont know is it worth.. My current display is 1680x1050. Im using my computer for CS;GO, LoL...
  21. M

    What motherboard do I have?

    I have an Acer Aspire T ATC-605-UR1X, and I was wondering what kind of motherboard it has, becasue I'm thinking of upgrading it. Anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance! Pictures would also be a good thing, if you can find any. Newegg Product Link...
  22. Riot401

    System keeps shutting off and bsoding

    My computer will keep shutting down randomly and i have no idea what is causing it. The even viewer info says the source is: Kernal Power, Event id: 41, task category: (63). I have reinstalled my gpu drivers and even tried a different psu... When it blue screens it will say system service...
  23. G

    Nvidia, Google Release Shield Android TV Device, Starts At $199

    After the initial announcement at GDC two months ago, Nvidia and Google made the new Shield Android TV device ready for the public just in time for Google I/O. Nvidia, Google Release Shield Android TV Device, Starts At $199 : Read more
  24. S

    Intel Turbo mode not working

    Hello. i have an intel K875 2.93GHz(with 3.6 max turbo frequency) on ASUS P7P55D-E EVO. I know they both support the intel turbo boost mode but this mode is nowhere to be found in bios. my cpu stops at 3.05 GHz even at the most intensive tasks(i run cpu z and intel turbo boost monitor) and wont...
  25. R

    4790K Overheat Issue

    Hello ladies and gentleman! A hopefully quick question for you: Parts related: Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl w/ USB 3.0 ATX Mid Tower Silent PC Computer Case Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120 mm PWM Fan i7 4790k Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Question: This is my...
  26. H

    Dual Monitor problem, Flickering and black screening

    So ordered another ASUS VE247H 24 inch Monitor for dual monitor setup, around a month ago. Ever since setting it up both monitors, my old monitor (call it monitor A) has been flashing on and off every 5 - 10 mins, like its changing resolution (but not changing value) and going black then coming...
  27. F

    Help needed forced upgrade!

    First my old specs CPU I72600k Motherboard Ashe p8p67-pro Rev3 RAM 8gb ripjaw 1600mhz GPU Hd6950 2gb Psu 850w evga Problem is my mobo and chip have died, so I want to upgrade to the i7 4790k think this is a good replacement for the 2600k but can't decide which mobo would be best, I want to be...
  28. D

    Looking for suggestions for parts that should be upgraded and what would be ideal

    Here is a list of most of my current PC parts: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=19281326 I have upgraded my RAM to a total of 16 gigs. I'm currently using a dual monitor setup with my main monitor being the Asus vg248qe 144hz and the other is just an old LG...
  29. Ranko Kohime

    Running a GPU in a PCIe 2.0 x2 slot?

    I'm contemplating a somewhat complicated display setup for my rig, and one of the points I'm contemplating is running a pair of 4k displays off of a "not-top-tier" graphics card, on the last physically x16 slot on my motherboard, which is only pinned for x2, at PCIe gen 2.0, and I believe also...
  30. G

    1000 dollar build compatibility

    I was wondering if this pc build will work, and if I need to change anything what I would have to change, here is the build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/PwJMmG
  31. A

    NvBackend.exe - Application Error

    What's this? NvBackend.exe - Application Error The instruction at 0x007cb878 referenced memory at 0x007cb878. The memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate the program
  32. G

    I brought a 220v in china can I change to 110v bulb for USA supply?

    I brought a lamp 220v cAn I change to 110v bulb to use in USA
  33. S

    which is the best card??

    hi which is the best card amd radeon hd 6570 2gb ddr3 / radeon hd 7570 / r7 240 ddr3
  34. S

    Which gpu is better?

    Which gpu is better Gigabyte Radeon r9 27ox 2gb 256 bit Or Asus Radeon r9 270x 2 gb 256 bit Or are they just the same??
  35. V

    Why does it keep going back to moderate

    i put my xbox to static ip and in router's dmz and even in that it keeps going to moderate nat after like 2-3 days I am curious as to why and its a xbox 360 and random ports labeled skype udp ports forward and thats when it goes to moderate 360 has no skype so im confused i want to keep my xbox...
  36. S

    slow boot at bios

    i recently built a i7 gaming computer, My motherboard is the Asrock z77 extreme 4 with 120gb ssd and 3 other hard drives with my programs on it but my bios boot is very slow almost 30 seconds and i dont know why i have tried reading other forums and i cant figure anything out, im up to date on...