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    Question What is the best budget used laptop? [UK]

    My budget is £300. £350 max if the extra cost is worth it. I'm going to use the laptop for university and music production. I've built my own PC before so I can happily upgrade the laptop if necessary. If you didn't see it in the title, I am looking for a laptop in the second hand market as...
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    [SOLVED] What is the best gaming laptop to buy on budget?

    So I am looking to buy a gaming laptop but I don't want to spend too much money. I guess the most I'd like to spend is around £600. Can anyone recommend a laptop that will be good for gaming please? The games I play are going to be pretty much just strategy, like total war and cities skylines...
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    Looking for a budget laptop for photoshop CC and illustrations works

    Hi. I'm looking for a budget laptop where I can do design works on adobe photoshop CC illustrator CC and little bit of video editing , probably with sony vegas and filmora. Not adobe premier. No gaming. Should I go for ryzen 5 with integrated vega graphics for laptop. Or should I go for intel...
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    Gl702vt SSD upgrade on HDD only model

    Does the none SSD varient of the gl702vt support a slot for SSD upgrades? I was thinking of buying this laptop at a cheaper price with the model having a HDD then later inserting an SSD into the dedicated pcie slot for ssd's. But I'm unsure if this model has a slot for SSD upgrades at all...
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    nfs rivals start up black screen

    when i start the game it display black screen like for ever... dont knw wat to do ....ant help???
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    cooler for msi 970 gaming

    i bought the hyper t4 for this board but it doesnt fit. ive searched the forums most say it does but it hits the ram. the only way to mount it is either fan up or down on this board. all 120mm fans are going to be the same width even the 212 so what are my options or other ways to mount it. im...
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    Asus motherboard problem (p5g41c-m lx)

    I'm trying to install windows.But I have this problem. After the booting windows right this point motherboard stops working 10 seconds later screen goes off. Here is the list what I have done: 1)I updated bios 2)I changed all components (PSU,HDD,CPU,RAM) 3)I've tried diffrent windows CD's I...
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    Best Setup For 1500

    I want a setup for gaming that can run all games at ultra 1080p with monitor and peripherals
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    low-scores on benchmarks

    Just wondering, I have an fx 8350 at 4.0 and a MSI r9 290X gaming 4gb edition(1030/1250) and ive been getting a score of 2400 - 2500 in Unique Valley 1.0 (depends on the driver I ques). On another forum they told me it is a low score for the setup. Also in Firestrike its a score just over...
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    sabertooth z87 for future workstation

    if im going to buy lga1150 Asus TUF Sabertooth Z87 can i still used my Intel Core i3 4130 3.4Ghz (Dual Core) Haswell?
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    Appraise my system?

    I'm selling my PC so I'm looking to see in how much I can sell it, of course my objective is in selling it and still get some profit over of what I spent and on building it as well, I built it myself so I didn't had to take that much out of the budget. Forgot to add: 8 GB (2x4GB) G.Skill Ares...