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    Question Should I buy ryzen 3 3200g for Android studio with 8gigs of ram

    Hey, should I buy Ryzen 3 3200g for android studio with 8 gigs of ram, I am actually planning a pc build just for learning Android studio because my laptop configuration cannot handle the application properly, so as my budget is not much high, I have planned to ryzen 3 3200g, is it a good choice...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Antec ASK-4000B-U3 Mid Tower Cabinet Fan Setup Help For Maximum Airflow

    I have a Antec VSK-4000B-U3 Mid Tower Cabinet it has three fan mount 1 at the back one on the left panel and one on the front. I wanna know what should be the fan setup for maximum airflow ( which one should be intake fans and which one should be exhaust or outtake fan ) Thanks in advance
  3. T

    Question Frustrating Stutter and Fps drops so much

    Hello everyone i am new here i know about computers since i've been working with them most of my life. But i have a problem i feel like every stutter, freeze and fps drop happens cause of my ram but i wanted to ask about it to the pros here thanks in advance. My system: İntel Xeon e5450 3.00 ghz...
  4. SpacEagle17

    [SOLVED] First Pc build

    Hi, I want to ask you guys if the components I choose for my first build are good. My budget is between 400 and 480. I buy just from amazon. I live in Germany. I want to browse on the Internet, watch Youtube videos and play games like Minecraft. I use actually a laptop with the intel core i3...
  5. SpacEagle17

    [SOLVED] First Pc build

    Hello, I want to build my first pc (gaming) but I don't have a high budget ( 400€ - 430€ germany). I've spend a lot of time searching and comparing pc pieces and I think I have found good ones. I'm not an expert (more a noob) so could you please look if my chooses are good. I do have a Pc part...
  6. D

    Question So I want a capable pc for my 144hz monitor for 750$

    So I want a budget 750$ gaming/editing pc that is capable to show 144fps for my 144hz monitor here is what I was thinking about but I wanna see if I could get a better one: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/D9xVNQ Ps: 16gb of ram is neccessary for me
  7. boogie_1987

    [SOLVED] Suggestions to upgrade my current PC on a budget.

    Yeah I know, there's like a billion threads about this in the forum, but no one has the same system or needs, so here's my case. By the way sorry for my broken english, I'm from México. I will use this PC mainly for 3D rendering and modeling in Blender, so Radeon GPUs are out of the question...
  8. stormman34

    [SOLVED] Can a unbranded 350W psu handle R7 260x?

    So my friend wanted to upgrade his PC, but he doesn't have a lot of money so everything has to be older and second hand. So here's the question, could this psu possibly handle this config? (PcPartPicker says that it could handle the wattage but I don't know much about psus so that's why I'm...
  9. L

    Cheap power supply

    What power supply does gtx 1050TI + i5 8400 + Cooler Master Hyper 212X + asus prime Z370-P +Ripjaws V DDR4 3200 C16 2x 8GB Need what power supply would be good for these parts
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Last minute check before ordering components, need help

    Hi all, Hi all, First time PC enthusiast builder here. This is what I have planned. mb) asus strix z390-i gpu) asus 1080 cpu) i9-9900k cooler) cooler master master liquid 240. case) corsair carbide 400 atx My two concerns are mainly: 1) will everything fit in that case?, and 2) will...
  11. C

    Compatible 2gb graphics card

    Please give me a compatible 2gb graphics card on my intel DG31PR
  12. P

    Additional DDR slot purpose

    Hello, I bought PC scrap box and there was mobo KFN4-D16. I noticed additional DDR slot which says "DDR STD 1.8V. I've never seen this and would like to know purpose of it, because mobo has standard DDR2 slots.
  13. S

    When I connect my computer to my phone it works, but when I try and connect to my WiFi it won’t connect.

    Hey all, so when I try and connect my phone to my WiFi it doesn’t work for my desktop but it does for my laptop, but when I use my phones hotspot it works as it should. I use a netgear usb wireless adapter and windows 10, it’s been uninstalled reinstalled updated you name it I’ve done it I’ve...
  14. H

    New PC Crashed twice in 30 minutes!

    Hello! I just had my PC crash twice in a span of 30 minutes or less. I wouldn't be so worried about it if my PC was older. I built it as of last Friday, being my second computer build. I have been running games very heavily today but my PC should handle it fine. My Windows 10 is...
  15. steffeeh

    PC turns itself on after shutdown

    Around the time when I first setup automatic shutdown in Windows Scheduler (or what it's called in English), my PC has started turning itself back on again after shutdown in the evening. I've tried disabling the scheduled shutdown but it made no difference, and I'm not sure how to fix this issue.
  16. J

    HD 4870 +WIN 10 driver issue

    Hi i have an hd4870 and tring to install the driver on win 10 but it fails every time, i have read the log, everything was OK expect the Video driver, >>> catalyst wont start, cant chage the resolution,
  17. J

    Looking for a OS that will work well on a lightweight netbook

    Hi guys, this is the section I thought this is the most appropriate to ask in. I got my nephew a netbook to play flash games as he likes to play online flash games. It is a refurbished asus eeepc and the hardware all runs fine. It has an intel atom processor (forgot exactly what speed but I...
  18. L

    ASUS Z87-K AI suite 3 Windows 10

    Hi guys, ASUS Z87-K running windows 10 64 bit. AI Suite 3 Had the only BSOD on here since i had this computer from 2013. Once i force restarted it hanging on BSOD for 2 hours - AI suite 3 errors popped up and it wouldnt start so i uninstalled it. Dug out the package that came with the computer...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Can't create bootable usb

    Hello guys, yesterday I installed Windows 10 on my Mac. Then it's crashed. I decided to install macOS Sierra. I got my .app file which I installed from Mac App Store. But I can't install it because I don't have any other Mac. So I tried create a bootable USB from my other Windows PC using...
  20. A

    Can my pc run gta 5

    My pc spec are (intel i3 3220,4 gb ram,zotac nvidia gt 610 2 gb graphic card) I am unable to play gta 5 even in low end graphic settings, as I start playing after 5 to 10 mins the game stops playing and the audio keeps on going . Can anyone tell me plz how to fix this.
  21. T

    Linux Kali - Error accessing Windows 10 folders

    Hello there! (Didn't really know where to put this, but I am trying to access files created by Windows 10 so :P) This is the situation, I am trying to access the Windows folder in my Local C drive with Linux Kali. Whenever I try to open the folder I always get "Unable to display the content of...
  22. A

    printing business cards and flyers

    Hello, hope you all are having a good day! I'm getting much more into editing, and i would like to buy some tools to start a little business and i am honestly trying to find the right stuff to buy and i was wondering because i honestly have no clue of what to buy as a printer. So my question...
  23. N

    i5 4460 to i7 4790

    is it worth the upgrade extra 150 dollers i do alot of 3d rendering / after effects / photoshop stuffs how much of an improvement will i see ?
  24. C

    Programs not showing in search or uninstall list after system restore

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help. Basically I have had to perform a system restore/refresh and chose to keep my files. When windows rebooted up the login issues I was having were gone but I now can't find my programs in the normal way I could. I can go into the file explorer and...
  25. S

    Advice on Graphics card Upgrade! Help please.

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the place to post this but I am trying to make a decision on what to upgrade my AMD Radeon R9 280 3g to. I play neverwinter online but there are some places that are a little choppy for me. I was wondering if someone could give me a link to a chart of new graphics...
  26. X

    Input on system build with a few questions

    Hey guys, It has been over 7 years since my last build :'( but fortunately because i did my research (thanks to you guys :ouimaitre:) it was able to perform for my needs throughout those years. Now, its that time again, ive done my research to the best of my ability and id like your guys input...
  27. Z

    Need Help Choosing DDR4 Memory

    Hello ! I need help in choosing some ddr4 rams for my z170 motherboard ...i read the site choices and the memories f4-3000c15Q-16GRR are not available in the place im going to buy so...i need some more choices if you please can help me got my eyes on this one G.Skill Kit 16GB DDR4 3000MHz...
  28. P

    Upgrading Graphics Card in pre-built machine?

    Recently ordered a desktop PC due to laptop biting the dust, gaming wasn't my first instinct but after ordering it I have realised there is certainly potential for it to be a very decent gaming pc. Nothing spectacular but nice on the side. The only thing that lets it down is the graphics card...
  29. W

    Windows 10 Crashing games

    So i have a gaming PC and have windows 10 (downloaded straight from Microsoft) with no CD key (and somehow says activated) i logged into my windows account that has been on a cracked windows 8 and upgraded to 10 if that matters. Windows 10 is a fresh install, anyway My pc specs are intel...
  30. I

    windows xp only shows wallpaper

    I was downloading iTunes then my laptop got turn off and some virus appeared task bar or icons were not shown
  31. N

    Fan help with new build

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Ms2ZmG Is my build I currently have. I will be doing video editing on it which will be fairly CPU intensive and kind of GPU intensive although not as much. The case comes with one 200mm fan in the front and a 140mm fan in the rear. The fans it comes with are okay but...
  32. A

    XMP reverts back to 1333mhz boot to bios after a couple of days

    I have Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400mhz ram and select xmp to get the most out of it. It saves then reboots fine, but after using the pc for a day or two it will randomly boot to bios, showing the ram has reverted back to 1333mhz... any suggestions? My specs: Asus impact vi i7 4770k Corsair h100i...
  33. H

    Build for fast 3d rendering under 1800$ with taxes

    I keep reading about video cards and for rendering I am confused about the Quadro series and what specs in the benchmarks to look for for faster and more stable render. my max budget would be 1800$ I will do a lot of rendering in maya, houdini, 3ds with renderman, arnold or vray. I also use...
  34. G

    New Gaming PC

    Hi, I'm going to buy new Gaming PC soon and i have some questions. Max 4000PLN / ZŁ http://www.morele.net/inventory/info/iqgsLG/ 1. Is the Xeon better than i5 4690? 2. Is it compatible with this MOBO? 3. Can this PSU handle my build? 4. Any other propositions? What do you think about it?
  35. TwinDenis

    Xeon tweak for games

    Could we tweak best xeon for gaming? I know it is not that good for games they said, I have stutters and dell says it is because it is not for games but it is more expensive and worse? makes no sense, is there a way to make it work for games to not stutter ? its no because of gpu and no because...
  36. H

    Failed SSD installation

    Hello, I am looking for some answers on what I can do to get my system back to normal again. My installation of SSD failed for some unknown reason. Had everything set as it was supposed to be in the Bios but I could not load windows from my OEM Win7 disk. I put the original HDD back and returned...
  37. A

    Is it bad to make laptop fan run constantly? for the fan.

    Hey! I have a question. Yesterday I changed up my fan settings to make it spin at it's lowest level when the temperature goes up to +40C. And most of the time, when I'm browsing and programming the temperature is at +40C and that makes the fan run almost constantly. Is that bad for the fan? Thanks!
  38. T

    Getting Ready to Buy First Gaming PC

    Hello! Let me start by saying that the computer I am currently running is a piece of trash. It has like 512 mb of ram (is that even a thing), and some integrated graphics card. Yuck. I can barely run chrome to be honest. Anyways, I've been putting some money aside from my last few paychecks to...
  39. D

    What is standard vga graphics adapter?

    never heard a type of graphics called that...
  40. B

    should / how would i paint my GPU?

    hi i am thinking about painting my MSI GTX 970 and i wanted to know if that is a good idea and if you know any videos or guides on taking apart the msi 970 and also what paint i should use? Im in the UK so it would be great if the paint was available in the UK. thanks :)